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Contest: Win The Bangles’ ‘Sweetheart of the Sun’ — first new album in 8 years

Paisley Underground scenesters turned pop stars The Bangles — featuring original members Susanna HoffsDebbi Peterson and Vicki Peterson — returned to record racks this week with Sweetheart of the Sun, and Universal Music has provided us with three copies to award to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

Recorded by Matthew Sweet, the 12-track Sweetheart of the Sun — which you can stream in its entirety at AOL Music — is the band’s first new album in eight years, and is said to meld the band’s folk-rock harmonies with Nuggets-inspired garage rock. In the album’s press material, Vicki Peterson says, “As we were finishing the record, we started to realize there was a unifying theme — paradise lost in Southern California, the perception juxtaposed with the reality of it.”

To enter, simply drop a comment — any comment — below. We’ll accept entries, from anywhere in the world, through 12 p.m EDT Friday, Oct. 14. After that point, we’ll select three winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit e-mail address when you enter, or you can’t claim your prize. Good luck.

UPDATE: The contest is now over and three winners have been randomly selected: Gary Duncan, Amanda Raab and Ben. Thank you all for entering.





  1. it would be awesome if they went on tour with Sweet….no, it’d be Sweet!

  2. Favorite of mine since the old days. Saw them on their tour a few years ago and they sounded as great as ever.

  3. Oh the Bangles…Going Down to LIverpool. Loved that video with Leonard Nimoy. Was so cool. Haven’t heard the new stuff, but would love to see them live. Never got the chance back in the day. Not even sure if they even came to my town on tour back then. They were so much more than Walk Like an Egyptian which was such an atypical song for them.

  4. I have loved the Bangles for years :)

  5. Love the cover art!

  6. I wouldn’t mind checking out their new stuff by winning a copy.

  7. Hoping this album will be good!

  8. Can’t wait to hear how well they’ve aged!

  9. Would love to hear the new stuff! As long as it’s nothing like Walk Like An Egyptian…!

  10. I will walk like an egyptian if I win.

  11. even though new albums come out on tuesday. I will start “walking down your street” on “manic monday” to ‘be with you” at the record store when the new The Bangles album comes out. I will be so happy that “following” my purchase I will “walk like a egyptian” all the way home.

  12. Susanna Hoffs is still lookin’ hot.

  13. That Susanna Hoffs sure is pretty!

  14. This could be interesting…I enjoyed Hoffs’ work with Matthew Sweet.

  15. I feel like going down to Liverpool.

  16. Loved “Going Down To Liverpool” by The Bangles. Can’t wait to hear what Matthew Sweet has made with them.

  17. i have loved these folks from day one. can’t wait for the album, maybe they will play near enough for me to see them AGAIN.

  18. My husband is a big fan!

  19. Yeah, I’d like to hear this album, even though they’re down to a trio now.

  20. Vicki Peterson is my spirit animal.

  21. Holy crap …. they cover the Nazz’s “Open My Eyes” – beyond cool!

  22. First time I saw them was at Magic Mountain. Never heard of them. They started “Going Down to Liverpool” and I was hooked. Great show.

  23. My favourite song from Sweetheart of the Sun is “Ball ‘n’ Chain”. Welcome back to The Bangles.

  24. AndyTheCureFan

    Entering. :)

  25. Love me some Susanna Hoffs!!!!

  26. Love the Bangles! Going to listen to the new album/cd as soon as I’m done here! They played at SM Pier this summer! My old home town, wish I was still living there so I could have rocked the Pier with them! I bet it was amazing! And fun!! Maybe I can make their PDX show …..

  27. Julian Awesome

    I’m dropping a comment. Please pick it up.

  28. They are still Gorgeous.

  29. Bring on the Rickenbachers!

  30. They are playing Chicago next month, and I’ll be there. Sweet (no pun intended!)

  31. love the Bangles!

  32. baubles, bangles, bright shiny beads…

  33. Still edging out the Go-Go’s in my book.

  34. Rob! I agree… I like the Go-Go’s just fine, but the Bangles beat ’em for me.

  35. It’s amazing they still look and sound as well as they do. Very excited to hear the new stuff!

  36. BANGLES!!!!!!!

  37. I won “All Over the Place” from the University at Stonybrook (NY)’s radio station back when it first came out. It would make for an awesome bookend to win this now.

    Also, while the ladies are going to be performing in my town, they’re at a 21+ venue, which means I can’t bring my daughter, a 2nd-generation Bangles fan. Do my kid a solid and let me win the new cd!

  38. My sister and cousin used to put “Manic Monday” on repeat and listen to it over and over. I secretly enjoyed it as well. :)

  39. Manic monday!

  40. Saw them back in the day. Glad to see them still around.

  41. I heart Susanna.

  42. I’m a Bangles sweetheart.

  43. The Other Keith

    Michael Steele!

  44. Looking forward to the new material as it looks like it really harkens back to their Paisley Underground roots. Plus, serious props for covering The Nazz – Open My Eyes!

  45. I used to play in the backyard with my twin and two besties lipsyncing and dancing in like 6th grade pretending to be them

  46. Cool band

  47. The older albums were great, but everyone seems to overlook Doll Revolution from a few years back. ‘Something that You Said ‘ is a great track among manyon the CD.

  48. I’ve missed the Bangles.

  49. Mark Dominesey

    I had a thing for Susanna Hoffs when I was a kid. And wow! She still has it!

  50. I’m glad the sisters worked things out with Hoffs!

  51. Still a big fan. Thank you for the new album.

  52. Welcome back Bangles!

  53. Looking forward to hearing it.

  54. Yeah, like most guys in the 80’s I fell in love with Hoffs the first time I saw the “Hero Takes A Fall” video on Nickelodeon’s short lived video show. I was also a big Prince fan and when he wrote “Manic Monday” I knew it wouldn’t take long before they broke big.

  55. Wow, lots of contests as of late

  56. Susanna Hoffs, still one of the most beautiful women in music history!

  57. Some bands get better with age.

  58. Jay Roach is a lucky man — Susanna is as beautiful as ever! The band is still great! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow (Sat., Oct. 1) at the TLA in Philly!

  59. Walk like an Egyptian baby!

  60. Relatively new to the album work but what I’ve heard so far makes me curious.

  61. I listened to the stream – it’s a surprisingly good album.

  62. Hoffs was and still is rubbing-out material.

  63. Miss Michael.

  64. I listened to the stream, its mediocre at best. Not one track really stands out as a single, and Susanna’s voice has not aged well.

  65. Ghostly, yet Gallant

    Hoff’s cover of “We Close Our Eyes” (Boingo) is a real treat if you’ve never checked it out.

  66. Jason Nance

    Was and still a big fan! Looking forward to listening to the new tunes.

  67. Feels like I’m in my twenties again while listening to the Bangles!

  68. Here’s my comment. Hope you like it.

  69. Great news!

  70. Please put in me in for the new album! Gotta be a winner with Matthew Sweet at the helm.

  71. Awesome album cover! Glad the lasses are back looking as good as ever.

  72. you go, girls!

  73. Oh Susanna, you’ve still got it…

  74. Love me some Bangles. Love September Gurls that I discovered from your mixtape last month!

  75. On the evidence of the AOL stream, this is a really pleasant surprise. I think I already like it more than Doll Revolution.

  76. Count me in for this…

  77. “Manic Monday” is still a pretty damn good pop song. I’m interested to hear how the new album sounds.

  78. The Bangles, and especially Susanna Hoffs, kick serious tail and i’m excited that they are back with some new jams!

  79. Any comment.

  80. Matthew Sweet makes for an interesting pairing.

  81. Sandy Alonso

    Interested in hearing this record!

  82. Sign me up, I loved the Bangles!

  83. Having Matthew Sweet makes so much sense!

  84. “Manic Monday” is one of my top karaoke songs to sing! Love dem Bangles!

  85. Love the band, and am a big fan of Susannah’s underrated solo albums as well. Back in 1996, when she toured for her second album, I played in a band that got to open for her when she played in Cleveland, and she signed my copy of the CD! Saw The Bangles on their tour a couple of years ago, and not only were they as good as ever, they introduced me to a great band that opened for them, The Bridges.

  86. They still look and sound great, and their music has aged so well, I still get a nice feeling inside when I hear one of their lovely tracks on the radio

  87. New Bangles! Woot!

  88. Should be interesting if they’ve gone back to the sound of, say, “Live” from first album.

  89. Really hoping they capture some of their former glory on this release.

  90. All right, time’s up. Contest is over and winners have been notified. Thanks all for your entries…

  91. Yippie! :)

  92. Looking forward to hearing the new stuff. I loved them growing up and was lucky enough to see them live a few years ago. Even better in person. Catch them in concert if you can.

  93. Dustan Jackson

    Looking forward to hearing some new music from The Bangles

  94. Rock us with harmony and 12 string guitars!

  95. Irish band the sawdoctors have a song “The Saw Doctors – I’d Love to Kiss the Bangles”

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