Reissues — October 3, 2011 at 6:47 am

Label to replace Jesus and Mary Chain’s new ‘Darklands’ reissues with tracking error

Fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain who already have purchased or are awaiting shipment of the new 2CD/1DVD reissue of Darklands take note: Demon Music Group has acknowledged that there is a “mastering glitch” on Disc 1 of the set that has resulted in tracks 8 through 16 beginning slightly ahead of their respective track markers.

That means disc plays straight through fine, according to a note posted on the band’s website, but if you advance to the later tracks, they cut off the beginning. The label says new versions of Darklands Disc 1 already are being manufactured and “should be ready int he next fortnight.”

Anyone who’s already bought the defective Darklands reissue may e-mail their mailing address to with the “Replacement Darklands Disc” in the header. According to the Mary Chain’s website, Demon will then send fans new discs as soon as they’re ready.






  1. Do they not actually give these things a test listen before they press thousands of them?

  2. I’ve been waiting for my copy to ship from Amazon (after Barnes & Noble cancelled my order). I wonder what I will end up with…

  3. …and I thought it was my cd player that was knackered. Do we get a replacement if we bought them through amazon or play?

  4. New Order reMasters part II.

  5. They (Demon) had an issue with the Thompson Twins Into the Gap reissue as well (disc 2)…

    At least they replaced them for anyone who asked.

  6. Now we’re waiting for the illegal music blogs to re-rip and re-upload.

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