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Update: Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Depeche Mode on Q’s U2 ‘AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered’

Last month we brought you initial word of an upcoming Achtung Baby tribute album, and today U2 has released the full tracklist of the Q magazine-compiled disc — which will feature Depeche Mode , Jack White, The Killers, lifelong friend-of-the-band Gavin Friday, the long-dormant Nine Inch Nails and Garbage, and U2 itself (in remixed form).

Dubbed AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered, the full-album tribute will be included with the December issue of Q, which will be available beginning Oct. 26 in shops and online. The collection also is meant to help celebrate the British music magazine’s 25th anniversary.

Q Editor in Chief Paul Rees says: “Not only in the sense that each of the tracks are brand new recordings by some of the biggest and most iconic names in music such as Jack White, Nine Inch Nails and Patti Smith, but also in that several of them mark the first new material we have heard from these acts in a long time — such as those by The Killers, Damien Rice and Garbage. This is an entirely appropriate way to mark Q’s anniversary and that of Achtung Baby, one of the pivotal albums in our lifetime.”

The Q tribute comes in advance of U2’s own massive reissue of the 1991 album.


Tracklist: AHK-toong BAY-bi Covered

1. Nine Inch Nails, “Zoo Station”
2. U2, “Even Better Than the Real Thing” (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
3. Damien Rice, “One”
4. Patti Smith, “Until The End Of The World”
5. Garbage, “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”
6. Depeche Mode, “So Cruel”
7. Snow Patrol, “Mysterious Ways”
8. The Fray, “Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World”
9. Gavin Friday, “The Fly”
10. The Killers, “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”
11. Glasvegas, “Acrobat”
12. Jack White, “Love Is Blindness”






  1. I seriously need to figure out where I can snag this in the states…

  2. Wow. Speechless….

  3. That’s one of the only two places I could think of that stocks it. And Borders is closed now. May need to go over there sometime and see if the manager will hold me one.

  4. Last time I wanted a Q with a free CD, I went to Barnes & Noble to find the issue minus the CD. There was a message on or inside the cover saying US issues didn’t include the CD. So, sadly, I’m guessing that will be true this time, too. I’m going to check anyways, but am thinking eBay or a connection in the UK is the safer, but more expensive route.

  5. I used to get Q/Uncut/Mojo at Border’s OR my local great bookshop, all of which have closed….damnit I NEED THIS!

  6. Darn it Borders would have had this for sure with the CD! Too bad they are not around. Hopefully, B&N will have it. This issue looks amazing!

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