Housekeeping — October 14, 2011 at 7:49 am

Free Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers

You can once again show your undying love for all things Slicing Up Eyeballs by plastering our stickers all over your… well, pretty much anything you want. That’s because we’ve gotten a new, and better, pile of stickers on hand, and we’re giving ’em away to help promote the site and spread the love of ’80s college rock.

Want some? Two ways to score these stickers (that’s the new 3-inch by 8-inch design up there):

1.) The Free Option
Just send a stamped, self-addressed envelope — and to be clear, that means a standard-sized mailing envelope addressed to yourself with a stamp affixed to it, then stuck inside another envelope — to the following address and you’ll receive one (1) free sticker in return:

Slicing Up Eyeballs
Attn: Bumper Sticker Department
P.O. Box 12097
Denver, CO 80212-0097

2.) The Send a Couple Bucks Option
If you don’t want to bother with stamps and envelopes and the whole mailing-a-letter thing, you may instead simply a send a few dollars via the PayPal button below — it’s $2 for people living in the U.S. and Canada, and $4 anywhere else in the world — to cover shipping and handling, parts and labor, etc., and, in return, you’ll receive two (2) of our new stickers.

Slicing Up Eyeballs stickers


So there you go. Two options: Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the address above, or just just shoot over a few bucks (and your address, obviously) and we’ll take care of the rest.




  1. Tom Westphal

    Do you have an office in Denver where my brother, who lives there, could stop by and pick a couple of stickers up for me?

  2. Yaaay!! The last stickers you sent me were absolutely stunning. They really complete my smorgasbord of music-related stickers on my ride.

  3. AndyTheCureFan

    Is there a deadline? I read this 2 weeks too late.

  4. Современные сэндвич панели в Украине

  5. huh i’ve counted 8 cassettes on the sticker i had/have from those years past, cassette too. crazy.

  6. oops, sorry, make that 12 of the cassettes, i looked at the header at the top of the page.

  7. The stickers look ace and I send parcels all over the world and would love to promote your excellent website thus. If I send more than $2 (say $10) by PayPal can I get more stickers or are there limited numbers? Cheers from Tony

  8. if i sent an sase with a dollar in it, could i get two stickers mailed back?

  9. Kenneth Olsen

    Are there still stickers available? Just found out about you guys!

  10. Hello, I don’t have PayPal. If I mail you a s.a.s.e with $1 could you mail me two in return. I’m in Texas

  11. Sam McArdle

    I guess now is too late? :/

  12. Mike Malce

    i’am in México, I can send my envelope with postage stamps of mexico?

  13. Last comment re: stickers was March 2013 and it’s coming up on September. Short story long, I came upon you guys by researching “Cure Re-Releases.” I’ve then gotten stuck for several hours, as this site is extremely fucking compelling

    Let me know how I can support and spread the word, beyond the “May I have stickers using the above methods still?” shill.

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful work.

  14. May I have stickers using the above methods still?

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