Reunions, Video — October 17, 2011 at 7:30 pm

Video: New Order reunites in Brussels with Gillian Gilbert, without Peter Hook (setlist)

Legendary electronic-rock act New Order reunited on stage tonight in Brussels, Belgium, for its first concert in five years, the first of two planned European charity gigs this week that find the dormant group performing without long-feuding bassist Peter Hook — but with keyboardist Gillian Gilbert for the first time in a decade.

According to fansite, the band — Bernard SumnerStephen Morris, Gilbert, 2000s-era guitarist Phil Cunningham and Bad Lieutenant bassist Tom Chapman — played a 15-song career-spanning set at the Ancienne Belgique that included early favorites “Ceremony,” “586,” “Temptation” and “Love Vigilantes” through mid- and later-period fare such as “Regret,” “Crystal” and “Krafty,” ending with a final encore of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

The band performs again Tuesday night in Paris. Both shows come in support of longtime band associate and music-video producer Michael H. Shamberg, who is fighting a “debilitating illness.”

Below, you can check out the setlist, and, as video comes available, we’ll post that, too.


Setlist: New Order, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11

1. “Elegia”
2. “Crystal”
3. “Regret”
4. “Ceremony”
5. “Age of Consent”
6. “Love Vigilantes”
7. “Krafty”
8. “1963”
9. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
10. “True Faith”
11. “586”
12. “The Perfect Kiss”
13. “Temptation”

14. “Blue Monday”

15. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”


Video: New Order, “Elegia” & “Crystal” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Regret” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Ceremony” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Krafty” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “1963” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Bizarre Love Triangle” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “True Faith” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “586” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Temptation” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Blue Monday” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11


Video: New Order, “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, 10/17/11






  1. My favorite band ever. *happy sigh*

    They sound great. Please, Goldenvoice – Coachella 2012!

  2. Welcomeback! the other three.

  3. Johnny Eyeballs

    Without Hooky, shouldn’t they call themselves… The Other Three? ;)

    Nice to see Elegia played live. Very very nice.

  4. really sounded quite good. Yeah sure Bernard was out of tune at times, but the band sounded tight. 586, Elegia, and Age of Consent were fantastic returns to the set list. I’d just dump LWTUA and go with all NO tracks. Funny to notice that the only albums not represented were Movement and Technique, although one could argue that Ceremony belonged or could have gone on Movement. I wouldn’t argue it, but I’ve heard some argue it.

  5. OUTSTANDING! f-hooky!

  6. Wow!!!! New Order 3.0 — reaching back to PC&L and Factus and playing Age of Consent, 586, and even Elegia from Low! They must be bent on “stick’n it” to Hooky, as these are specific songs he had yearned to play with N.O. 2.0. but Barnie always said no. I don’t care much for the bickering, and don’t take sides — just want to see/hear great music being performed live again. Congrats to this N.O. team. Certainly hope that N.O. 4.0 will revert back to original line-up + Phil. It’s strange to hear some “fill-in” doing Hooky’s bass lines on Regret, Age of, and Eligia

    Look forward to US tour. I’m sure there will be one. These two “fundraising” gigs are also “test gigs”. Rather see them at small venues that “the Light” played — Music Box in Hollywood or El Rey in L.A.

  7. I wished I could have been there to see my favorite band of all time, It would have been good if Peter Hook was there also,if they come to nyc I will be the first person to see them, there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking.

  8. I don’t mind expressing the unpopular opinion but this sounds bloodless and hollow to me. New Order’s sound was always completely dominated by Hooky’s melodic baselines and this just doesn’t seem to have the same harmony. I saw NO touring for Sirens Call and Hooky was out in front displaying much of the band’s physical energy, as I think Barney had a broken foot or something. And it was incredible. I think the Other Three should be able to do whatever they want but Hooky is right to have the arrogance that he does. He’s just too important a part of the band.

    • I agree that Hook has defined JD and NO’s sound but NO would not be NO witho Sumners voice. They are a team, too bad they all couldn’t come together but then again its not 1988 and I’m not 15. *sigh*

  9. Ruben Barbosa

    Totally agree with RTW. Hooky’s bass is the spine of this band. They have every right to tour as a band, but not as NO. Trying not to pick sides, but I’ve only seen NO twice in my life-2 of the greatest concerts I’ll ever see, and I’d rather just remember them as they were not sans Hook.

  10. first hellbent, and the 7 new songs circa 2005, new bad lieutenant songs likely, new new order studio time possible, and new new order tour likely, bernard is on a roll. it is and has been his band for 31 years ,obviously , with him giving generous credit and income for stephen, gillian, and peter, and factory, and hacienda. he and stephen were not a majority, thus bad lieutenant, but with gillian it is now new order, and as long as bernard sumner writes and sings the songs ,and honestly , as long as there is a bernard sumner in the band, there is no need to change the name .

    Hi guys. Just wanted to make a statement of support (after hearing about the two New Order gigs this past week). As an occasional admirer/appreciator of New Order, I went out and bought the Bad Lieutenant album after Peter Hook left. Why? Call it Pink Floyd Syndrome. When Roger Waters left and promptly tried to sue Dave Gilmour/Nick Mason/Rick Wright over the name and continuation of their joint musical careers, I preferred the Gilmour-led Floyd to Waters’ endless “solo” shows that merely doubled as variations on his own Floyd work. Equally, in this case, the same applies.
    To me, the majority ownership of the ongoing sonic stamp of identity should (in theory) go to the majority membership. Hence Bad Lieutenant received my cash at the music store. We now have seen the same thing with New Order. If anything more comes of the Sumner/Morris/Gilbert/Cunningham/Chapman line-up, then it’s New Order to me.
    Just like the Gilmour-led Pink Floyd (with Guy Pratt/Jon Carin included, etc) is still worthy of the name Pink Floyd. Hooky’s already gone down the Waters road it appears, with his full replays of Joy Division (which is perfectly fine for those who want to hear that), but 70 per cent (or more) of a line-up deserves the support of those who still truly want to hear them remain together. As Gilmour and Mason once told Waters – it’s our careers and lives, too – we want to go on and you want to stop. All the best to you Bernard/Steve/Phil and Gill/Tom whenever you’re on board as well.

  12. Ruben Barbosa

    Wow. This really is the end of NO. Being compared to Pink Floyd is the death sentence they’ve always tried to avoid. O well, God bless July 1981-May 2007.

  13. the pink floyd comparison is apt and correct. they acknowleged that changing syd’s name for the band would leave all connected with a suspect future. so syd would still be the house writer . roger had a great run. bernard wrote ,sang, played guitar and synths, and never complained about only getting 25 percent. roger was taking as much as 67 percent total for writing credit and bass credit , denying the contributions of the other musicians. history will look kindly upon david, nick and rick, bernard ,gillian, and stephen. roger and peter less so. i love them all , peter is the best of all bassists ,and roger is a giant , yet bernard and david are deservedly the most beloved two people in pop music of the last 100 years

  14. as much as hook is a jackass he sure made the band. after listening to each of the videos it’s all i could honestly think about. i sat cringing through most of the set. more power to them and good luck to them. NO was and always will be one of my faves but hook is def missed in the sound.

  15. I guess the way I feel about this is that if Phil had just switched to bass it would be a heck of a lot more legitimate since he was truly a member for Siren’s Call… and it would keep the 4 person dynamic, and Gillian is plenty capable of playing guitars just like she used to. I mean Phil played the drum pads during Blue Monday, and there are a variety of 6-string basses to be had out there if that is a concern too… I mean a casual musician like myself owns 2 different varieties, I know Phil could get a Music Man 6 string or a Schecter Hellcat VI like I have and it would sound fairly close… part of my problem with this was that Hooky’s lines just popped out way too much and didn’t blend like they should… meh, I dunno. I’m torn. I never got to see NO live with Hooky, so I will probably go see them without him just because it might be my only chance…

  16. Totally miss Hooky. Have always been a big NO fan and being a bass player myself, Hooky was always the driving force together with Steve. His playing made it bearable having to listen to Bernard sing. Now that Hooky is gone this is like a cheap karoake rip off version.

  17. They have some hiccups without Hooky, but overall I thought they sounded good. I just wish Hooky would get his head out of his arse and join the group, but either way as long as three-fourths of the members are attendance, then they are still New Order.

  18. Love that they are back and if I close my eyes it sounds like the old New Order I saw live 4 times. However, Hooky is missing and that is too bad! Get over the differences … we, the fans just want to see the band as it was meant to be!

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