Tour Dates — October 21, 2011 at 6:52 am

The Stone Roses add 3rd Manchester reunion gig, sell all 220,000 tickets in 68 minutes

The Stone Roses sold out their two 2012 reunion concerts in Manchester in just 14 minute this morning, prompting the band to add a third show — which also sold out. All told, the band sold 220,000 tickets in 68 minutes, leading it to declare the June 29-July 1 concerts at Heaton Park the “fastest selling rock gigs in U.K. history.”

According to the band’s website, the sell-out prompted frontman Ian Brown to declare, “We plan on spending the rest of the day jumping up and down with our hands in the air.”

The Roses’ original lineup — Brown, John SquireGary “Mani” Mounfield and Alan “Reni” Wren — on Tuesday announced plans to reunite for the first time since the mid-’90s for the hometown gigs next summer, as well as a full world tour. Plus, they confirmed at the London press conference that they’re writing new songs together and could even record a new album.

Aside from Heaton Park, though, no further tour plans have been announced.


The Stone Roses tour dates:

June 29: Heaton Park, Manchester, UK
June 30: Heaton Park, Manchester, UK
July 1: Heaton Park, Manchester, UK






  1. Johnny Eyeballs

    Hard to believe, but then again, i’m not a Brit. I have their original CD from way back when and no matter how hard i tried, i only liked two songs.

  2. One of the most horrible stories of corporate greed ever. What Silvertone did to these guys robbed us all of years of music. I honestly think had they been able to control their creative product, we would have a whole catalog of amazing albums to the Stone Roses name. I for one and glad to see this happening. I wish them well, and I hope the new stuff is amazing. I only wish I could attend one of the shows myself.

  3. I woke up 1 AM trying to get any of these tix….It was horrible. None of the sites worked. I love the band and it seems like an opportune time to visit Manchester again so I’ll probably have to pay 3X more at least.

  4. Humperdinck

    I’ve known some big gigs over the years, but this buzz around these has surpassed anything I’ve ever known. Even bigger than Oasis at Knebworth in ’96. The ticket sites went into meltdown as soon as tickets went on sale. I was fortunate to get 2 tickets for the Saturday show and now just over 24 hours later, the money being asked for tickets is just plain silly. The problem in the UK is that touts manage to get their hands on huge numbers at the expense of the ordinary fans. It then means if you to see the gig, you’ve no choice to pay over the odds. Its a wank situation, but no-one in this country does anything to outlaw it, and as long as the demand is there, it’ll keep happening. To answer Mr Johnny, to us Brits, this band are legends. Pure and simple. And actually, their timing is perfect for this reunion because they represented a cultural shift back in 89/90, and here we are again living in bleak times where the Roses are like Arthur returning to save Albion. The Stones Roses are more than just the music.

  5. My friends and I tried getting tix for any of the shows, and my god I’ve never seen anything like it! F’ing scalpers! I’m hoping that some tix will be released in time, or an American tour will be announced…..GAH!

  6. Scott Mittleman

    I am sure a huge number of people are happy with this news. I do love the first Stone Roses record, but I am not interested in seeing the band live. I missed them the first time around and that seems to be when their music mattered most. I am not knocking anyone for wanting to see them. It just feels that 1989-1990 was the time and a place for them.

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