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Contest: Win Peter Gabriel’s ‘New Blood: Live in London’ orchestral concert DVD

Peter Gabriel this week released his new concert film “New Blood: Live in London” — which captures a performance earlier this year with his New Blood Orchestra — and to commemorate the release, the fine folks at Universal Music are providing us with four copies of the new DVD to give away to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

Filmed at London’s Hammersmith Apollo in March, the concert film — also available in Blu-ray and 3-D formats — finds the orchestra-backed Gabriel performing classic tracks such as “Biko,” “Red Rain,” “Solsbury Hill,” “Don’t Give Up,” “Blood Of Eden,” “The Rhythm Of The Heat,” “Mercy Street,” “Intruder” and more (see full tracklist and two video clips below).

To enter, drop a comment below naming your favorite Peter Gabriel song and explaining why you love it. We’ll accept entries — sorry, from the U.S. and Canada only, per the label — through 12 p.m EDT Friday, Nov. 11. After that point, we’ll select four winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit e-mail address when you enter. Winners will have one week to claim their prize, otherwise a new name will be drawn.


Tracklist: Peter Gabriel, “New Blood: Live in London” DVD

1. “Intruder”
2. “Wallflower”
3. “The Boy In The Bubble”
4. “Après Moi”
5. “The Drop”
6. “Washing Of The Water”
7. “The Book Of Love”
8. “Darkness”
9. “The Power Of The Heart”
10. “Biko”
11. “San Jacinto”
12. “Digging In The Dirt”
13. “Signal To Noise”
14. “Downside Up”
15. “Mercy Street”
16. “The Rhythm Of The Heat”
17. “Blood Of Eden”
18. “Red Rain”
19. “Solsbury Hill”
20. “In Your Eyes”
21. “Don’t Give Up”
22. “The Nest That Sailed The Sky”






  1. “Excellent Birds”–I remember watching the debut of this song on a PBS special, “Good Morning Mr. Orwell,” broadcast the morning of Jan. 1, 1984.

  2. Diggin in the Dirt. I saw and met Peter on that tour, in Worcester Mass. Nicest guy ever. Digging in the Dirt for the groove. A tune to move to.

  3. “Here Comes the Flood”. Excellent song that in all of its incarnations, although the one on Fripp’s _Exposure_ is probably my favorite.

  4. “Mercy Street” I was introduced to Peter Gabriel’s So in high school, when awkwardness and emotional turmoil run rampant. This album was a refuge and this song in particular took me far away with it’s discriptive storytelling and dream-like instrumentation. I don’t know what I would’ve done without this album.

  5. This is the Picture (Excellent Birds) – This song gave me the impression I was under the influence of drugs when I wasn’t. I would paint for hours listening to this album. This tune especially lets the mind travel to places.

  6. “Solsbury Hill”-That song always reminds me of my father. It’s just a beautiful song and the words really resonate with me. Everytime I hear it I feel like I can handle any obstacle no matter what people tell me & I do think for me it has a special meaning about faith.

  7. Boy is this one hard… Not only does PG write excellent music, but he writes perfect songs. This is an important distinction that eludes so many artists. “Games Without Frontiers” is the first PG song I recall hearing and I still love it to this day. Political, yet so catchy and fun.

  8. My favorite PG song is “Digging In The Dirt”. It was a therapeutical song for me during a very tough time in my life awhile back.

  9. “Signal To Noise” At least right now. The music and lyrics build to an amazing closure.

  10. “Games w/o Frontiers” was the song that first blew my head open all those years ago.

  11. Tom Westphal

    I always sing along to “Big Time” whenever I hear it, so I guess that’s my fav.

  12. Leanne Merritt

    My favorite and most memorable Peter Gabriel song is “In Your Eyes”. Even if it hadn’t been played on his boom box by John Cusak’s character in the movie Say Anything, it would still remind me of my teenage years and the new love I felt then. It has such beautiful lyrics. “When I want to run away, I drive off in my car, but whichever way I go, I comeback to the place you are”. What a great line. This is one of the best love songs ever written. That romance didn’t last but the meaning of the song is still just as fresh as it was the first time I heard it.

  13. My first introduction to Peter Gabriel was in 1979/1980 with his third solo album and the song ‘Games w/o Frontiers’, which sadly isn’t on the live CD here. I was only 15 at the time and just getting into radio when this song was released. It didn’t take long for me to go back and get his first two albums (you know, those vinyl things from wayyyy back?) and explore his Genesis roots.

  14. Family Snapshot has such a haunting feel to me and the storytelling is wonderful.

  15. I absolutely love the track “I Grieve”…both versions are incredible, but I think I prefer the soundtrack version over the UP album track. The music and lyrics touch me deeply, and bring tears to my eyes each time I hear it!

  16. Intruder – Turned me from a Genesis fan to a Gabriel fan.

  17. ‘I Grieve’ — Wonderful song about death and life and hope and reality. Should be more well known.

  18. Red Rain….this track has a weight to it that makes it an epic song. His voice and music is powerful. I can listen to it over and over. Sometimes I’m screaming along while commuting to work. :)

  19. “Don’t Give Up” – love the tender duet with Kate Bush…

  20. “secret world” is my favorite, amazing instrumentation. I saw this film in theaters last month in 3d. Was excellent.

  21. Biko…the passion…

  22. So hard to pick just one… but in a pinch I’d say “Red Rain” because it’s so epic and so awesome. The album version is definitive, and yet PG always manages to make the live versions pack a wallop as well.

  23. Solsbury Hill is the obvious one; but Kiss of LIfe also gets me jumping around each and every time.

    Love your blog!!

  24. Down the Dolce Vita – what a great driving song.

  25. “father/son”….as a dad and someone who has one, this song gets me every time I hear it.

  26. My favorite is probably one of his most obscure: ” Moribund the Burgermeister” from PG’s first solo LP. I thought this would have made a great choice for the “New Blood” tour but it didn’t make the cut. Still a great (and chilling)song!

  27. “Shock the Monkey” is my favorite PG tune. I can vividly remember the first time I saw the video on MTV and how profound of an impact it made on me………..WOW!

  28. AndyTheCureFan

    Favorite Peter Gabriel song is ‘In Your Eyes’. I love it because of the romantic film that is, “Say Anything”.

  29. Games without Frontiers, because I’ve loved it since I first heard it when it came out, and because now my 8 year old son whistles and sings along with it whenever he hears it.

  30. mercy street is beautifully spiritual

  31. don’t give up.

    don’t go to college. don’t try to push yourself to the top. don’t be competitive. watch how your life turns out.

  32. Fave Song:”In your eyes”. Why? Peter Gabriel is such an excellent innovative artist. I have always been attracted to sappy new wave love songs because I am a romantic at heart. “Say Anything” was DEFINED by Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”. The movie would not have existed in everyone’s minds if it were not for this most awesome love song!

  33. “Shaking the Tree” It reminds me of my younger days, courting my beautiful wife…

  34. In Your Eyes – the lyrics – Peter’s voice – the flow of the song. Everything about the song makes it my favorite. In is a great song on the studio album and a celebration live in concert. I like that it is a song of hope.

  35. Scott Mittleman

    I would have to say “San Jacinto.” The first time I saw Peter perform this song was on the 1986 Amnesty International “Conspiracy of Hope” Tour. The song is so haunting and Peter’s performance of it was breathtaking.

  36. It’s hard to say which song is best – there are so much great songs… But since the performance of “Come Talk To Me” on the secret world tour, this song is very special for me. That was soooo great!

  37. “In Your Eyes” is the best, but I love “Shock the Monkey” too.

  38. My fave is Red Rain. Just love the emotion in that song.

  39. Hard to pick one, but I think I have to go with San Jacinto. I love the build-up to the part where he sings “I hold the line” the first time.

  40. Father, Son bc it is so raw and emotional. it has to be one of the most honest songs ever written.

  41. Slegehammer – how can you deny the classic?

  42. Father/Son – emotional track

  43. James DeFrance

    “Don’t Give Up” because I thought at the time, both Peter and Kate would be hard to pair in a duet considering they have such outstanding and unusual voices. The two togeather had such moving emotion and character. Both have done other great duets since, but this still has something extra special.

  44. I still have a fondness for “Games Without Frontiers” (with the Kate Bush duet “Don’t Give Up” being a very close second)

  45. Secret World Live – when the band kicks backs in near the end, it is an amazing spine tingling moment

  46. San Jacinto. My second concert experience ever was a date on the the “Security” tour back in ’83. This song gave me goosebumps both in concert and on the album. PG is so visceral and technologically innovative. He is one of my all-time favorites.

  47. Göran Hellström

    ‘I don’t remember’. Why? We’ll I think that has slipped my mind

  48. My fave is “Shock the Monkey” because it is so herky jerky and it’s video is one of the all time best.

  49. I love “Big Time”. I remember buying the 12″ in Berlin and blowing that up on turn table when I got back to the States. Loved that vinyl.

  50. The Family and The Fishing Net. Fantastic on record, even better when he played it live. Mind blowing.

  51. While I love so many of Peter Gariel’s songs, “Father, Son” is my favorite PG track. I always loved the sweet lyrics about Peter and his dad. It always made me think of my own dad, who lived many miles away. When my dad passed away this past June, this song remained in my heart.

  52. Almost impossible to choose, but I’ll go with Secret World for it’s propulsive rhythm, gorgeous melody and fine lyrics detailing the small things that only two intimately connected people would know or notice.

  53. Laurel Raven-LaRue

    Don’t Give Up. The emotion in his voice and the flow of the song have such deep meaning and have gotten me through some tough times.

  54. SHOCK THE MONKEY – one of very songs that I can hear over and over again. Loved the hokey video too.

  55. Kirsty Madden

    Favourite song of all time (not just of Petey’s) In Your Eyes…this song is pure perfection!!!!!!
    But I have to say my favourite track on the New Blood Special Edition CD is the instrumental version of Wallflower…absolutely gorgeous!

  56. Edward Edwards

    My favorite Peter Gabriel song is “Father, Son” and I love it because it swells my proverbial heart every time I hear it, reminding me of my dad.

  57. Shock the Monkey…I love it when he makes wild and crazy songs that sound like nothing else and certainly not like his heartfelt songs.

  58. Tim Simmons

    Biko – I was in SA when this came out, and it was as powerful then as it is now.

  59. Has to be “In Your Eyes”. Part of the soundtrack to my youth…and it made the movie!

  60. Tammi Perdew

    “I Grieve” … very personal and powerful song that touched me deeply when my 19 year old nephew committed suicide in 2009.

  61. Mother of Violence is my favorite, it’s just a really beautiful song especially in the context of a great album.

  62. tom mulvihill

    intruder: brilliant & powerful song that has always stood out with me to this day, studio,live or the new blood version all have such an effect on me.

  63. I would have to go with Intruder because it is dark, but upbeat. Primus did an excellent cover of it as well.

  64. Now that’s a tough one, but I’m going with “Book of Love”. I think it’s a very moving and meaningful song, plus you can hear his accent! ;-)

  65. Deb Stanford

    Games Without Frontiers….

  66. Washing of the Water – I love the way it faces pain and loss head on, admits to denial, and comes to an acceptance that flirts with giving up. But never stops asking for help.

  67. Here Comes the Flood. I first heard it on the Kate Bush Christmas show. Peter all skinny, intense and dark patches under his eyes meaning every word he belted out. Drink up dreamers…

    Or is it In Your Eyes on the Secret World tour with all the synchronised skipping dressed as Mel Gibson doing Han Solo?

  68. “Digging in the Dirt” – The recent orchestral version really made me come to grips with what I knew all along. Peter Gabriel is a brilliant lyricist as well as a consumate composer/musician.

  69. My favorite Peter Gabriel song is ‘Digging in the Dirt’. When it was released in 1992 it quickly shot up to my top 5 PG songs. It wasn’t until I meet my now wife and I started dating that the entire ‘Us’ album took on a totally new significance for the two of us. For the first time in my life, I really wanted to get real and honest with my emotions and my feeling I was having for her. In order to do that I really had to go through some thorny and rocky baggage to get past the hurt of previous years and start the healing I needed to work on this new beautiful relationship I was in. My wife and I actually walked out to the instrumental version of Digging in The Dirt at our wedding!!! To this day I can’t listen to that song without getting emotional. It’s been that powerful in my life. So there you have it :)

  70. I love the comments and selections so far. This is a great group of music fans – I can see why Slicing Up Eyeballs instantly became a favorite site of mine! So many songs of Gabriel’s give me the chills (in a good way)…”Mercy Street”, “Blood Of Eden”, “San Jacinto”, “Don’t Give Up”, “digging”, etc. I am a big fan and would love to strut my stuff with an obscure reference to an old song. But, at the end of the day, a newer track is most powerful to me: “Darkness”. It is musically as hard-hitting as it is lyrically. A song about overcoming fear and not letting it control you (my interpretation) that got me through my darkest 11 years and helped keep me alive to find the happiness I enjoy every second nowadays. THAT song is just monstrous in all the right ways!

  71. “solsbury hill” (even tho many others are favourites) because it is so poetically written and evokes a spiritual feeling that makes me feel happy and uplifted whenever i hear it. i would give the dvd to my daughter who saw PG 4 times on this tour and she would treasure this even more than i.

  72. I would have to say “Father,Son”. It is a great emotional song that makes me think of my Dad, who has past on.

  73. “The Rhythm Of The Heat”, was the first Gabriel song that I heard (off of the Plays Live LP) and I was hooked. I’ve been a fan now for 26 years, so that certainly was a GREAT song!

  74. Contest is now closed, and the winners have been notified. Thank you so much for all the entries.

  75. “In Your Eyes” was my favorite the first time I listened to So, which had a lot great songs on it. My first real girlfriend and I listened to that album over and over again. “In Your Eyes” always takes me back to when I was 17.

  76. Blood Of Eden – when I lost the girl of my dreams to another man, Peter’s songs from Us helped me deal and at times wallow in my melancholy. When she went through her own hell and came back looking for a friend, we found healing in the very same songs.

  77. Blood of Eden.
    It’s a song for all time about the most ancient of stories… the man and the woman..

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