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Video: Big Country with Mike Peters, ‘In a Big Country’ — from ‘Dreams Stay With You’ DVD

The Mike Peters-fronted Big Country is commemorating its U.K. comeback tour earlier this year with a collection called Dreams Stay With You: Live 21st April 2011, a full 19-track performance recorded in Edinburgh that’s spread across two CDs and two DVDs — and which you can preview via the clip above of the show-closing “In a Big Country.”

That set is available for sale now, and the band also announced this week that the 2CD Deluxe Edition of 1983’s The Crossing will be released Jan. 30 in the U.K. and is now available for pre-order — although the full tracklist has yet to be announced. Big Country will perform that album in its entirety during a tour of the U.K. and Germany next February.


Tracklist: Big Country, Dreams Stay With You: Live 21st April 2011

1. “1000 Stars”
2. “Harvest Home”
3. “Driving to Damascus”
4. “The Teacher”
5. “Just a Shadow”
6. “Look Away”
7. “Never Take Away Your Place”
8. “Porroh Man”
9. “Inwards”
10. “East of Eden”
11. “Steeltown”
12. “The Storm”
13. “Where The Rose Is Sown”
14. “Wonderland”
15. “Fields of Fire”
16. “Lost Patrol”
17. “Chance”
18. “Restless Natives”
19. “In a Big Country”






  1. Thanks so much for posting this, Matt! What a moving performance and so exciting about the upcoming releases. I was fortunate enough to see Big Country in SF in ’87 and will never forget the mutual, genuine love and appreciation between band and audience. Much like Michael Hutchence’s passing, Stuart’s tragic death really hit me. But unlike INXS post-Michael, I am 100% behind what Big Country is doing now. It’s real. It’s heart-warming. It’s timeless music that needs to be played and heard. And I know that Stuart is in a good place now giving Mike Peters and his old bandmates the thumbs up!
    Here’s hoping the tour makes it here next!

  2. Agreed, Mike Peters seems like a great fit and a fine bloke. Even better, he’s a true fan of BC. *Crosses fingers* they’ll come to the States . . .

  3. This is really awesome! I really hope they come to the US. I think Mike Peters is a perfect fit to fill in for Stuart….

  4. nobody can replace stuart, Dont live in the past, Big Country are no more…

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