Video — November 8, 2011 at 6:56 am

Duran Duran debuts 9-minute, supermodel-filled ‘Girl Panic!’ music video

Long known for their supermodel-filled ’80s videos, Duran Duran takes it a step further in their new nine-minute, Jonas Akerlund-directed “short film” for All You Need is Now single “Girl Panic!” by casting Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova and Helena Christensen as the band’s members. Check out the slightly NSFW music video, featuring piles of other models in various states of undress, above.






  1. The best song on their best album since the ’80s. This is absolutely brilliant.

  2. Great song, awesome video….they do need an actual video edit of the song though……

  3. Great video that will never be shown anywhere but youtube, lol.

    But hey, at Duran Duran are trying. They are sticking it out and making great new music while bands like A-ha, REM call it a day.

    Duran Duran: 2020 the last 80’s band standing?

  4. what a stunning video!!!!!!!!

  5. The band never ceases to tire. The style and look of this video is gorgeous. It is classic Duran Duran. Simply amazing. Great pop song, but actually just one of a number of amazing songs on the NEW must own CD. The Man Who Stole The Leopard, Leave A Light On, Blame The Machines, Mediterranea are some favorites. Rock on boys! and girls!

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