Cassette Culture, Reissues — November 15, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Dinosaur Jr to reissue 1st three albums in cassette box set — plus bonus Sebadoh tape

Following its purple-tape reissue of 1988’s Bug this past summer, Dinosaur Jr now will pair that album with cassette reissues of its first two records — 1985′s Dinosaur and 1987′s You’re Living All Over Me — in a limited-edition, wooden box set.

The three albums, newly reissued on vinyl by Jagjaguwar Records last month, now are being re-released “on the more archaic (but equally tactile) of the original formats” by Joyful Noise Recordings. Aside from Bug, which was reissued last summer, it’s the first time the early Dinosaur Jr albums have been released on cassette since their original appearance in the 1980s.

The collection is a one-time, limited-edition release of 500 copies, with 350 to be sold online and 150 at shows on the band’s upcoming West Coast tour. The so-called “Cassette Trilogy” will be packaged in custom-built, screen-printed wooden boxes, while the individual cassettes are manufactured on high-quality chrome tape with purple, black and white shells and are individually wrapped with eight-panel original artwork, according to the label.

Plus, there’s a bonus: Joyful Noise is pressing up 50 copies of the first Sebadoh cassette, Weed Forestin’, which was originally packaged with You’re Living All Over Me. Fifty people who pre-order the Dinosaur Jr box also will receive a Weed Forestin’ tape, which will not be sold individually.

The box sets are priced at $39 and can be pre-ordered now; they will ship Dec. 9.





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