Digital Music — November 30, 2011 at 5:37 am

Stream: VCMG, ‘Spock’ — debut single from Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore, Vince Clarke

Today sees the debut of the musical reunion of former Depeche Mode bandmates Vince Clarke and Martin L. Gore in the form of “Spock,” the first single off the newly christened VCMG’s as-yet-to-be-titled album, due out next year. As promised, it’s a club-ready techno track, and you can hear the original mix and two remixes posted to Soundcloud this morning by Mute Records. You can also purchase the full five-track EP 1/Spock — featuring the original mix, plus a total of four remixes — at


VCMG – Spock [Quietus Exclusive] by Mute UK


VCMG – Spock (Edit Select Remix) [Electronic Beats Exclusive] by Mute UK


VCMG – Spock (Regis Remix) [FACT Exclusive] by Mute UK






  1. sounds great. too bad they just spent about $1.88 on the artwork.

  2. The original version is great, remixes are a MEH

  3. This needs a CD release…

  4. Stunning. What else would you expect from the true forefathers of techno?

  5. Back to tekkno :-) !!!

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