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Andy Fletcher: Depeche Mode to enter studio in March to begin recording next album

After taking much of the past two years off, the three members of Depeche Mode are scheduled to reconvene in January and are planning to enter a studio to begin work on a follow-up to 2009’s Sounds of the Universe in March, bandmember Andy Fletcher reveals in a recent Italian interview to promote one of his DJ gigs in that country.

As our friends at Strangeways Radio point out, the interview clip posted above features Fletcher saying, “We got a meeting in January and it looks like we’re going to start recording a new album in March or something like that.” Fletcher also suggests a tour is in the works, noting his next two years are committed to Depeche Mode, and telling his Italian interviewer, “We’re looking forward to come back and do some concerts.”

Following the release of Sounds of the Universe, Depeche Mode toured the world for nearly a full year, wrapping up the “Tour of the Universe” in February 2010 in Germany. Since then, the band has released both a live album and DVD and a remix compilation, and contributed a cover of U2’s “So Cruel” to an Achtung Baby tribute album. Meanwhile, Martin L. Gore has re-teamed with Depeche Mode co-founder Vince Clarke for a new techno project.




  1. : )

    Great news! During promotion for SOTU though, Fletch said that he thought the next album would be their last. I hope that’s not true.

  2. It better be decent this time around. SOTU was a piece of ambient crap! DM has only put out one decent album since SOFAD; Playing the Angel. Ultra, Exciter, and SOTU were garbage.

    Tour will be the same greatest hits setlist as usual, would be nice if they actually played something rare or obscure.

    • what then was the decent album since SOFAD if you’re saying that the four that followed were crap?
      and PTA was not that bad really.

  3. This is hard for me to say but i have to agree, SOTU was very disappointing. Wrong was such a bad-ass tune, a great taster for the album but the record itself turned out to be very mediocre. However, the Mode never disappoint twice and the next album will be amazing i’m sure, they need to ditch ben hillier as producer first though. How cool would it be if Trent Reznor produced?

  4. Just to add, i thought PTA was their best album since SOFAD.

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