Digital Music — December 13, 2011 at 9:47 am

Stream: The Submarines cover New Order’s ‘Your Silent Face’ on new ‘Shoelaces’ EP

Los Angeles indie-pop duo The Submarines next week will release The Shoelaces EP, a six-track collection featuring album cuts from 2011’s Love Notes/Letter Bombs, 4-track demos and covers of songs by a pair of the band’s influences: The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey,” already released as a bonus track on Love Notes, and New Order’s “Your Silent Face” — which you can stream below, along with the EP’s title track.

The Shoelaces EP will be released digitally Dec. 20 though the major online services and a CD version will available early next year via the band’s website.


The Submarines – Selections from The Shoelaces EP by nettwerkmusicgroup




  1. Since they apparently changed the lyrics to remove the line “so why don’t you piss off,” which is INTEGRAL to the song…I won’t be giving it a listen.

  2. “So why don’t you just go away” Indeed…

  3. Wow! If Gillian agrees, then I agee too!

    Plus, they left out the Hooky bass lines also.

  4. I love cover songs when they do something unique and interesting. This just sounds like karaoke…AND they changed the best lyric of the song.


  5. Not A bad cover of a classic New order song.
    I like this live version by New Order better.

  6. a politically correct cover yes, but loving tribute, hardly .

  7. IntercosmicDude

    Can’t forgive the wimp out where ‘piss off’ becomes ‘just go away’. It totally renders this cover pointless, no matter how well intentioned.

  8. GOD that is truely fucking awful- they couldnt even be bothered to think of a new angle to come at it from. Whining,school band sound alikes.
    I think your ship has sunk.
    Honsetly, why dont YOU piss off

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