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Morrissey gives up on record deal, says new album release ‘grows less and less likely’

In what’s becoming a tour-ending tradition, a verbose Morrissey has issued a wide-ranging statement upon the completion of his recent U.S.-Mexico concerts (“It was a dream tour”) in which he seemingly gives up hope of signing a deal with a “grownup label,” claiming “the follow-up to Years of Refusal grows less and less likely.”

Moz previously has announced has finished recording a new album, but has no label upon which to release it. Over the last year, he has debuted a number of new songs live in concert.

In the new note, Morrissey also, as he’s wont to do, ranks his favorite shows of the tour (Chicago is No. 1), offers wry observances of the “belly flop” of a gig at the Shrine in Los Angeles and the show he stopped in Michigan “in consideration of the audience.” Plus, he writes of his upcoming libel case against the NME, noting it will simply be an “attempt to link my name to almost any unpleasant historical incident from the Irish potato famine to the murder of Medgar Evers.”

The missive was posted Wednesday to fan site True To You. Check it out below:


Statement 21 December

Thank you for a fantastic US-Mexico tour. I am anchored, delighted, and pale with gratitude. The reception in Mexico was beyond words. No attempt to describe could do justice.

Most stirring of all:

2 MEXICO CITY, Mexico (second night)
3 MEXICO CITY, Mexico (first night)
4 PUEBLA, Mexico
5 GUADALAJARA, Mexico (first night)
9 GUADALAJARA, Mexico (second night)

BELLY FLOP: the Shrine, Los Angeles. When it goes wrong, it certainly goes wrong, and this venue is an open slum. Degradingly, the front of the hall is an orchestra pit so lowered that I found myself singing to a mass of hair. The people at the front – who possibly paid the most – were quite literally down a hole. It was embarrassing for me, and surely humiliating for them.

I stopped the show at the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan in consideration of the audience – who were being unashamedly assaulted by the in-house security. It is difficult to watch this happen, especially when our friends (such as Douglas) are being forcibly choked to death simply for being there. If such attacks happened at the opera or in a night-club, the victims would rightfully sue. Strangely, in-house security sense that they have freedom to manhandle patrons of ‘rock’ shows. I wonder why? You all know how to contact the Royal Oak Theater. The Head of Security at the Royal Oak was the one inflicting the most damage. He obviously thought he was still down at the abattoir – or wished he were.

We had been over-cautioned so continuously about dangers in Mexico, yet we met nothing at all but great support and warmth. The audiences were the most loving (and loud) that I have ever experienced. Everywhere we went people were very gracious, and eager to help. It was a dream tour, and we all felt that we were resolutely home, burdened only by the practicalities of wondering how soon we could return.

We all enjoyed the Conan O’Brien Show, especially after the sinking loss of the Jimmy Kimmel Show being dropped. We only had one other free night to do the show, so Jimmy asked his booked guests ‘Lady A’ if they would switch their slot so that we could fit in; but they refused. Oh.

I now no longer expect to live long enough to experience an offer to record for a grownup label. This topic would not sound quite so banal had I not mentioned it 47 times already. I promise I will not mention it again. The world, I expect, will somehow endure, even as the follow-up to ‘Years of refusal’ grows less and less likely. End of subject. I promise.

I am very grateful to our new agency, William Morris Endeavor, for their astounding efforts to make this recent tour so enjoyable and triumphant. No management, no label, no promotion … all that we have are fantastic ticket sales.Which means you. And there is no greater thing worth having.

I have the most magnificent live crew on the planet. If I said my thanks forever it would not be long enough.

Thank you also to Kristeen Young for dragging her make-up case up and down life’s highways once again. The growing dedication of so many people who travel from city to city to follow the tour proves to me that now is better and stronger than the past. My admiration for those who refuse to miss a single concert is almost too emotive to voice. Words fail me.

Well. As the year dies, I return to England to prepare for the High Court circus of the NME case. Instead of simply saying “sorry” (for re-writing the answers to my last NME interview in 2007 in order to make me sound racist), the imperious NME would rather spend hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds in a High Court duel to the death. The fact that they have chosen a court drama over simply apologizing reinforces the notion that their original intent all along was to invent a sensation. So, here it is. And it is difficult to imagine anything more tragic from a magazine with such a gold-plated history. Of course, the court hearing itself will barely touch upon the actual 2007 interview, and will instead attempt to link my name to almost any unpleasant historical incident from the Irish potato famine to the murder of Medgar Evers. With the help of their giddy fan base at The Guardian newspaper, now is the NME’s big chance to scorch me off the human map for good. And what a triumph that would be for them. What a proud and eternal boast.

Oh England, oh England – is this all you have to offer?

Just very softly

London, December 2011





  1. Oh Morrissey, what a scamp you are!

  2. Random notes upon reading this: Giggles@ “Open slum” comment and masses of hair..great idea for a hair loss commercial yes,an ocean of hair in waves.Hey, people, don’t be so hard on him for stopping the show in Detroit as the show was almost over and he had a reason for it.Despite the shitbags at Solow and their undignified opinions which are rather narrow in scope MOST of the time yes it seems like the mexican audiences were pretty cool as an outside observer who laments from a distance and that is awesome.
    -Conan- It was great to see you and the Nico shirts rocked! I really thought it was a great idea and as a non watcher of televised extravaganzas waas grateful to have watched it online so thanks to the folks who did this.

    -OKAY MORRISSEY- you now no longer expect to live to experience an offer from a grown up record label.Are you sick? I know there are a ton of answers to this question so I am not going there.Is there something you are not sharing?It kind of suggests maybe? though, on a metaphorical\transitional level this comment can go in endless directions can you pick one of the above please?I get it, my mind wanders quite often to other places.If you have merely “Given up” well yes,I udesrtand your melancholy as well as humor quite well for I am of a similar ilk just in my own way but can relate.By the way, I am pretty fond of you not as in the letter of the alphabet “U” or even as the person you only sometimes let us catch a glimpse of as I only reverb on what is given.Words, etc.Music is a language sounds come from many places and carrry themselves everywhere and even transcend beyond most limitations they have energy and vibrations as well.Just a few comments:I had a ticket to Chicago but did not go.Not being nasty at all but you did not acknowledge Oakland in this comment and no I will not refer to you as Mozzer .I still like you though.Oakland, twice removed yeah life always hands out more tricks than treats especially for people like me who live Halloween on many levels for years at a time.HAS A LOT I would like to say to Morrissey if I had the chance but I never will.In regards to the record deal issue, You….who is resigned ….who has spoke of bores of the crashing variety etc etc who equally proclaims yourself to be dull which makes absolutely no sense unless you are really sewn into that fame thing forgive me for busting out with that but um thousands of people don’t seem to think so.Don’t know how you determine what is crashing or a bore or if it is a priviledge because you are loved so much to blatantly pass yourself away from some thanking the gods it isn’t you dunno.. this seems yet to be another contradiction.I kind of live as pathetically as much of the image you have portrayed over the years and it is not your influence that has created that sort of damage in my world it is just how things go for the most part.I suppose there ought to be support groups for that really.It doesn’t have to come down that way you seriously have an ARMY of people who love, support m and care about you through most of your foibles and have been exceedingly loyal to you for yeards on end yes you are getting older well so the fuck am I .I was a teenager when I first was into your music.I was a Smiths fan.You don’t need the crippling demise of a tainted fansite which is vomit inducing and you know it and you own it buddy.I hate the ills regurgitated on there.If people are so dull and boring there is always room for change.I am an unfortunate soul one who is constantly wading through enough despair I never asked for.I have a sense of humor, it helps but it doesn’t always stop the bleeding.I appreciate you greatly.It isn’t always about you, either for the rest of us we breathe maybe not the same air in the same country or income bracket but we lurk.I should be paying more attention to improving my own depravity yet I am commenting about a person who has it together more than me and is glad they are not me and probably dislikes me for even commenting in excess and that is fine.It is sad, but I am not a celebrity or even trying to get attention on purpose.EVER.IT fails me .I wish you well on behalf of your court case situation.I wish half as many people who appreciate you gave me strength and support in my life which is by far more broken .I would cherish the positivity.It would make a difference in so many smaller ways .
    an admirer albeit invisible and broke and unable to stalk and follow for many many years of my life but the music finds me and the rest does not matter as much.I am not a superficial twit despite the caste system in which I am thrust.I truly do care.

    • and a P.S. not impressed by the P.C. you still look great if not better that many years later.This is not something that has ever impressed me in the first place.i am very genuine and don’t care about that crap

  3. The Chicago show at the Congress was amazing, one of the best shows I have ever seen, no joke.

  4. Just release the songs on iTunes yourself, Moz, and be done with it. Jeez us.

  5. Morrissey whining about a record contract sounds like a 25 year old complaining that his parents won’t let him go to the mall.

  6. Perhaps it’s time to give Johnny Marr a call, you miserable, whining ponce.

    • Yup. That’s what I was thinking. Unfortunately, I think it would be just as tough to convince the other guys, especially with the Joyce/Rourke lawsuit aftermath.

  7. and yet not ONE mention of cancelling Oakland (for the SECOND time) just hours before the show…..thanks moz.

  8. All this means is that he can’t get a label to finance a recording & pay him the living expenses & signing fees that he wants & feels he deserves. And yet in terms of an investment, the labels are probably right.

    After the “comeback,” his sales have declined (along with the industry overall) and a new album is just not a financially viable project for a label. If he really wanted the record out (and wasn’t looking at it as merely a cash grab, there are many ways he could achieve that and make plenty of money himself.

    Put there’s a potential positive side; his laziness and failure to comprehend his value to a label, combined with this no doubt expensive and possibly hopeless lawsuit he’s about to engage in may empty his coffers. If that happens, a Smiths reunion becomes about 1000 times more likely, because Coachella alone would write a check he could live off for YEARS, never mind an actual tour and other Festivals. Couldn’t hurt sales of all the Smiths reissues either, something he could benefit from greatly.

  9. Smiths reunion? Never gonna happen. No matter how much money he may need. As far as greed and a record deal, the record companies don’t make near what they use to obviously we know this, so now they are trying to get a cut in the percentage of tour profits. The greed is with the record companies as per usual.

  10. Poor Moz has burnt virtually every bridge at every label, and now he whines because none of them will pay him an inflated advance for his record. Boo f#%king hoo.

  11. Hey Morrissey – I hear Geoff Travis still has a label… why don’t you give him a call?!

  12. I hate this dickhead, every one of his songs sounds exactly the fucking same and he thinks he’s gods gift to songwriting, all he does is write a few words and hires other more talented people to fit a tune around it, fuck off you miserable old twat.

  13. Oh leave him alone…he didn’t do anything to you people. He has paid his dues and is an extremely talented artist that has touched many hearts. Just because you don’t like his music doesn’t mean you have to disrespect him as an artist. Typical fools. Please please let me get what I want indeed! There’s nothing wrong with wanting continued success, even though we hate it when our friends become successful. I look forward to hearing your music Morrissey! Great to see people who continue living their dreams amd hopes! =)

  14. I’ll disrespect him any way i want, the man is a tool.

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