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New Order releases recording of London concert as 2CD live set, MP3 download

The reunited New Order — featuring keyboardist Gillian Gilbert, but not bassist Peter Hook — is releasing a live recording of its full 90-minute performance two weeks ago at London’s Troxy. The concert is being released as Live at The London Troxy — 10th December 2011 in both a 2CD set and a 320kbps MP3 download. Priced at £10.99 (about $17), the download is available now, while the 2CD set, priced at £17.99 (about $28) ships the first week of January. You can order and hear samples here, and see the tracklist below.


Tracklist: New Order, Live at The London Troxy — 10th December 2011

1. “Elegia”
2. “Crystal”
3. “Regret”
4. “Ceremony”
5. “Age of Consent”
6. “Love Vigilantes”
7. “Krafty”
8. “1963”
9. “Bizarre Love Triangle”
10. “True Faith”
11. “586”
12. “The Perfect Kiss”
13. “Temptation”
14. Announcement
15. “Blue Monday”
16. “Love Will Tear Us Apart”






  1. Can anyone explain track 14?

  2. Hmmm…less fighting means more releases! I hope!

  3. Track 14: Announcement — likely announcement by the venue or MC — a la RETRO disc 4, track 14, there was a public announcement in both English and French.

  4. Just went through the sample songs from the link above.

    Something doesn’t sound right. Oh yeah ….

    No Hooky bass lines, then no deal.

  5. I was lucky enough to be in London for this show, and published some photos and videos on my website:


  6. Listened to demos. At best, it sounds awkward without Hook. There is a huge silence in the music.

  7. Batshiz Krazay

    Not having Hooky in the band is like having the Beatles without Lennon or McCartney but with some hired hand filling in. Or having Nutrasweet in your coffee instead of sugar. Or turkey bacon instead of apple smoked bacon.

    Yes, they all will do, but they’re nothing like the real thing. I’ve also always found it a travesty for Sumner to cover *any* JD song, let alone LWTUA.

  8. I got the cd, it is good ,I like the song 586, it sounds very good live

  9. Ruben Barbosa

    Wow! Bad Lieutenant have only released one album and already they’re releasing a Live album/DVD??? o wait?

  10. Hmmm…. Part of me wants to say “hurrah!” and part of me is becoming slightly wary of it all… As an anniversary/reunion piece in itself, lovely. If this means New Order continues in the studio as well, that’s another thing. I am hoping it will find its way into retail stores in Australia, or at least that I could order it in from the UK.
    As for those complaining about no Hooky – in a way, I would love to have seen New Order release more live CD sets earlier, so for some it might be their first/only chance to hear them live on CD (I have the “Siren’s” tour on DVD myself). But that didn’t happen. As I’ve said before, this is still 70 per cent of New Order personnel, and they can claim ownership of the band identity. Like when Dave Gilmour/Nick Mason/Rick Wright toured in 1987 post-Waters with Guy Pratt on bass, etc. It was still enough of Pink Floyd to be worthy of the name, and the fans still enjoyed hearing the songs. Gilmour admitted at the time that there were “young, keen, hired guns helping us out” in performance, but that it was also “good, honest music by real people” (if memory serves).
    Plenty of bands don’t last with the ‘classic’ line-up forever. A shame? Yes. But more often than not, some New Order is better than none at all.

  11. Had a listen to the samples. Maybe it was just the MP3 format, but it sounded rather poorly mixed and messy, lacking clarity between the instruments and vocals. Hope the CD would turn out to be better quality…

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