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Morrissey to tour Asia and New Zealand, release new Sparks remix of ‘Suedehead’

Having performed across Europe and North America in 2011, Morrissey now is setting his sights on Asia and New Zealand, and is expected to announce a 10-date tour of Japan later this week, followed by concerts in Thailand, the Philippines and New Zealand — and he may be planning some performances in South America, too.

According to a notice posted this afternoon to fansite True To You — long Moz’s preferred outlet for official news — the ex-Smiths singer will perform in Japan in April, and the 10 concerts will mark “the most detailed tour of Japan ever undertaken by Morrissey.” It’s not clear when the singer will announce dates in Thailand, the Philippines or New Zealand, nor is there any indication he’ll also play Australia while in that region of the world.

While that announcement makes no mention of South America, another fansite,, links to a Chilean newspaper report confirming Morrissey will headline the Viña del Mar International Song Festival on Feb. 24, and indicates may also play a concert in Santiago.

Additionally, the True To You announcement reveals that, also in April, EMI will release a release a single featuring a remix of “Suedehead” by Ron and Russell Mael, better known as Sparks. The 3:35-long mix will released as a CD single and as a 10-inch vinyl picture disc, “both using previously unseen photographs of Morrissey.”

It’s likely that the new “Suedehead” mix is simply a shortened version of the 6:36-long Sparks remix of the Viva Hate track that appeared on the Rhino Records remix compilation Future Retro, which was released in 2005 — and which you can hear in its entirety below.


STREAM: Morrissey, “Suedehead” (Sparks Remix), from 2005 compilation Future Retro






  1. Suedehead is not in his recently releases self-top 10. Also, that SPARKS remix is horrible.

    Just release the new stuff on iTunes, MOZ, and be done with it. If young kids w/o labels and contracts can do it then so can you. DIY.

    • I completely agree, that Sparks remix is – to say the least – embarrassing. Although, I really like some of Sparks albums, they must have done this remix under the effects of alcohol and other “illegal” substances that somehow altered their perception and their senses…How this remix was even released it’s beyond any logic …

  2. I like this song. I DON’T like what they did with it. Fail.

  3. Is it confirmed that Morrissey is going to play in the Philippines? He has thousands of die-hard fans there. Look at the Wild Swans in Philippines concert. It was pretty successful.

  4. I can’t wait for him to come here to the Philippines…I was hoping for The Cure to come but not now…at least, I’ll have the chance to watch Moz perform…

  5. wtfuckingfuck have they done to moz’s beautiful voice? and how is that suedehead?

  6. Please come to Singapore.

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