New Releases — January 16, 2012 at 8:15 am

New releases: Public Image Ltd. and Modern English reissues, plus Bauhaus, Buck Satan

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs.


ARTIST : Public Image Ltd.
BACKSTORY: Virgin/EMI this week reissues 10 PiL albums in the U.K. as well as John Lydon’s lone solo album, 1997′s Psycho’s PathThe new batch of remasters will not include Metal Box or Second Edition, each of which already has been reissued in the U.K. in recent years.
BUY: (Public ImageParis In The SpringFlowers Of RomanceLive In TokyoThis Is What You Want… This Is What You GetCompact DiscHappy?9That What Is Not)


ARTIST : Modern English
Mesh and Lace, After the Snow, Ricochet Days
4AD this week reissues the classic post-punk/New Wave act’s first three albums, originally released in 1981, 1982 and 1984, respectively. For the new editions, each original album is supplanted with a varying number of bonus tracks, mirroring the original early ’90s CD releases of each record.
BUY: (Mesh and LaceAfter the SnowRicochet Days)


ARTIST : Bauhaus
RELEASE: This Is For When
BACKSTORY: Originally included in the Mask: Omnibus Edition reissue, this live recording of the goth legends’ Nov. 9, 1981, concert at London’s Hammersmith Palais receives a standalone digital release this week. The 17-track album features such favorites as “In the Flat Field,” “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” “Stigmata Martyr” and “Dark Entries.”
BUY: (Digital)


ARTIST : Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters
RELEASE: Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free
BACKSTORY: After years of threatening to do so, Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen finally has recorded a psychobilly country album under the name of his twangy alter-ego. The project also features Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Tony Campos (Static-X), and Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis). You can stream the full album here.




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