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Pulp to play New York and San Francisco during Coachella visit, reissue first 3 albums

The reunited Pulp’s trip across the pond to play the two-weekend Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this April brings added benefit to fans in New York City and San Francisco, as Jarvis Cocker and Co. this morning announced gigs in those cities — as well as a Spanish festival date — on the band’s website.

The Britpop vets will intersperse their Coachella performances on April 13 and 20 with much smaller-scale appearances at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 11 and at The Warfield in San Francisco on April 17. The band also announced its first European festival of the summer: SOS Festival in Murica, Spain, on May 4.

Additionally, Fire Records is poised to reissue the band’s first three albums — 1983’s It, 1987’s Freaks and 1992’s Separations — in expanded editions in the U.K. on Feb. 13, as our friends at The Second Disc note. Each disc is supplemented with B-sides, non-LP singles and a smattering of previously unreleased material; the It and Separations reissues remain single-disc affairs, while Freaks has been expanded into a 2CD set.

Below, you can see Pulp’s tour dates and tracklists for the reissues:


Pulp tour dates:

April 11: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, USA
April 13: Coachella, Indio, CA, USA
April 17: The Warfield, San Francisco, CA, USA
April 20: Coachella, Indio, CA, USA
May 4: SOS Festival, Murcia, Spain




Tracklist: Pulp, It: Expanded Edition

1. “My Lighthouse”
2. “Wishful Thinking”
3. “Joking Aside”
4. “Boats and Trains”
5. “Blue Girls”
6. “Love Love”
7. “In Many Ways”
8. “My Lighthouse” (Single Version) *
9. “Please Don’t Worry” (John Peel Session – 11/7/1981) *
10. “Blue Girls” (Alternative Mix) * +
11. “Sink or Swim” * +

* Bonus tracks
+ Previously unreleased




Tracklist: Pulp, Freaks: Expanded Edition

DISC 1: Original album
1. “Fairground”
2. “I Want You”
3. “Being Followed Home”
4. “Master of the Universe”
5. “Life Must Be So Wonderful”
6. “There’s No Emotion”
7. “Anorexic Beauty”
8. “The Never Ending Story”
9. “Don’t You Know”
10. “They Suffocate at Night”

DISC 2: Singles and B-sides
1. “Little Girl (with Blue Eyes)”
2. “Simultaneous”
3. “Blue Glow”
4. “The Will to Power”
5. “Dogs Are Everywhere”
6. “The Mark of the Devil”
7. “97 Lovers”
8. “Aborigine”
9. “Goodnight”
10. “Tunnel”
11. “Manon”




Tracklist: Pulp, Separations: Expanded Edition

1. “Love is Blind”
2. “Don’t You Want Me Anymore?”
3. “She’s Dead”
4. “Separations”
5. “Down by the River”
6. “Countdown”
7. “My Legendary Girlfriend”
8. “Death II”
9. “This House is Condemned”
10. “Death Goes to the Disco” *
11. “Is This House?” *
12. “Countdown” (Extended Version) *
13. “Death Comes to Town” * +

* Bonus tracks
+ Previously unreleased






  1. uuuhhh. coachella is a three day fest. how do they have two shows, six days apart? this does not compute.

    official site has them seven days apart.

    11 April 2012 Radio City Music Hall New York, NY, USA
    13 April 2012 Coachella Indio, CA, USA
    17 April 2012 Warfield San Francisco, CA, USA
    20 April 2012 Coachella Indio, CA, USA
    4 May 2012 SOS Festival Murcia, Spain

    regardless – stocked.

  2. Mopuddin – you must have missed the story months ago that Coachella is trying out a TWO WEEKEND format….the exact same three-day line-up will be taking place over two consecutive weekends….I think it’s weird and a bit of a moneygrab, but it benefits us up north for FAUXchella! If they had done this last year, perhaps Suede would have popped up to SF and done a gig. :(

  3. I was excited to hear about the expanded edition of Freaks, but realize that everything on there was already on Master of the Universe. Though if they decided to push this as a vinyl edition, I would not be able to resist.

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