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Video + free MP3: The Normal, ‘Warm Leatherette’ ( mix)

British communications agency ditto is celebrating The Normal’s “Warm Leatherette” — the first release by Mute Records, and “the record that started everything” — by commissioning this “re imagining” of Daniel Miller’s classic 1978 track, with Really O’Reilly providing new production and “electro-lady” Georgie piping in with vocals. You can see a video, by ditto’s Phillip Long, above, and download a free MP3 below.





  1. it’s a great record, a great label and daniel miller is a visionary. but that video and cover is absolute crap. let well enough alone already.

    • Gotta disagree with pete there, it’s fantastic to see The Normals work still relevant and popular!

    • I agree with Pete. I was excited to hear this after reading, but was disappointed with the version. It could’ve been any little girl singing. This version isn’t much different than The Normal’s…except for her voice, which doesn’t do as much for me as the original.

  2. Its a great record and a great cover – Pete what are you talking about. The video is a great monage to JG Ballard – both in terms of the content and also the aesthetics.

  3. I discovered The Normal earlier this year. Really like this remix, the vocal sounds great and synth is gnarly! Hope it gets more people discovering the original too!!

  4. The Trent Reznor / NIN / Pete Murphy live cover of “Warm Leatherette” is still, hands down, the best version IMHO.

  5. ReallyO'Reilly

    Thanks very much for putting this up guys, really appreciate it. Thanks for all the posts too. Its great to see Fad Gadget 10th anniversary of his sad passing remembered. RIP. Thanks for the comments folks – more good than bad, which is nice. The original is more than a tune to me. We’ve got some more beats and treats in the works. Much respect, love, and thanks to Phillip for the video treatment. JGB (and JT too) I think would be impressed. Proper. Peace and love all x

  6. Wow… this remake… is horrid!

    I love mute…. but this should not be heard by anyone…… ever!!!

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