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4AD compiles Colourbox’s 1982-86 output on 4-disc box set, featuring mixes, BBC session

4AD this spring will commemorate the 30th anniversary of genre-bending electronic pioneers Colourbox by collecting the group’s full studio output in a four-disc, 59-track box set that includes the free mini-album given away along with initial pressing of the group’s 1985 debut, plus 12-inch mixes and a BBC session.

Due out May 21 in Europe and May 22 in the U.S., the box set, like all of the band’s albums, is self-titled, and spans the years 1982 to 1986, after which the group disbanded in the make of its collaboration with A.R. Kane on the fluke smash M/A/R/R/S single “Pump Up the Volume.”

The set, sequenced by the group’s Martyn Young, starts with a first disc containing both the 1985 album Colourbox and the seven-track mini-album packaged along with the first 10,000 copies of the LP. The second disc is comprised of the band’s 7-inch singles, while the third disc features 12-inch mixes. And the fourth disc features the band’s 1983 debut, the four-track mini-album Colourbox, plus an eight-song BBC session and a previously unreleased early mix of “Arena.”

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Tracklist: Colourbox, Colourbox

1. “Sleepwalker”
2. “Just Give ‘em Whiskey”
3. “Say You”
4. “The Moon Is Blue”
5. “Inside Informer”
6. “Punch”
7. “Suspicion”
8. “Manic”
9. “You Keep Me Hanging On”
10. “Arena”
11. “Edit The Dragon”
12. “Hipnition”
13. “We Walk Around The Streets”
14. “Arena II”
15. “Manic II”
16. “Fast Dump”
17. “Sex Gun”

1. “Baby I Love You So” (7-inch)
2. “The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme” (7-inch)
3. “Hot Doggie”
4. “The Moon Is Blue” (7-inch)
5. “Breakdown (Version 1)” (7-inch)
6. “Tarantula (Version 1)” (7-inch)
7. “Philip Glass”
8. “Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse” (7-inch)
9. “Say You” (7-inch)
10. “Fast Dump” (7-inch)
12. “Keep On Pushing”
13. “You Keep Me Hanging On” (7-inch)
14. “Breakdown (Version 2)” (7-inch)
15. “Tarantula (Version 2)” (7-inch)
16. “Shadows In The Room”
17. “Punch” (7-inch)

1. “Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse/Shoot Out” (12-inch)
2. “Baby I Love You So” (12-inch)
3. “The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme” (12-inch)
4. “Breakdown (Version 1)” (12-inch)
5. “Tarantula (Version 1)” (12-inch)
6. “Say You” (12-inch)
7. “Fast Dump” (12-inch)
8. “The Moon Is Blue” (12-inch)
9. “You Keep Me Hanging On” (12-inch)
10. “Breakdown (Version 2)” (12-inch)
11. “Tarantula (Version 2)” (12-inch)
12. “Punch” (12-inch)

1. “Shotgun”
2. “Keep On Pushing”
3. “Nation”
4. “Justice”
5. “Arena” (Extended Version)
6. “Punch” (BBC Session)
7. “Kill It” (BBC Session)
8. “Bleach” (BBC Session)
9.” Water Up The Tap” (BBC Session)
10. “The Look Of Love” (BBC Session)
11. “You Keep Me Hanging On” (BBC Session)
12. “The Wanderer” (BBC Session)
13. “Low Rider” (BBC Session)




  1. Great to hear this news. Between this set and last year’s This Mortal Coil box set, it’s all coming together rather nicely. Now if we could get 2 disc deluxe editions w/ DVD or Japanese pressed SACDs of Cocteau Twins 4ad albums and the 1991 box; I can die a happy man.

  2. this is indeed good news. i don’t think “Tarantula” has ever been released in a digital format, so it’s worth buying for that song alone.

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