Album News — February 15, 2012 at 7:31 am

Echo & The Bunnymen’s Will Sergeant records ‘Things Inside’ instrumental album

Ian McCulloch’s not the only Bunnyman with a solo project on the horizon: Guitarist Will Sergeant has recorded an instrumental, acoustic solo album called Things Inside — featuring former Echo & The Bunnymen bassist Les Pattinson on a few tracks — and is asking for fans to help fund the record’s release.

Like McCulloch, Sergeant is using Pledge Music to fund the project; fans who contribute different levels can receive gifts including the CD, a limited-edition vinyl pressing, a T-shirt or a limited-edition art print — or even get their name in the credits.

Sergeant describes the project:

“With this project I set myself a challenge to make an album using only acoustic instruments. This was a new area for me as I have tended to concentrate on electric instruments, mainly guitars of course. I have always sought to expand the possibilities of guitar sound and neglected the acoustic world. I gathered together all the acoustic instruments I could get my hands on. I went into FTC Studios in Liverpool and set about creating something unique. I even got my old mate Les Pattinson to help on a few tracks with his trusty acoustic bass guitar. This album is the result of those improvised experiments into the acoustic world. The finished record is quite hard to pigeon hole but has elements of psychedelia, folk, progressive rock, ambient and soundtrack. All engulfed in my style and sound. I find it hard to explain how or why so best not delve too much into this area. It just is.”

To learn more, or help fund the project, visit Pledge Music.





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  1. If I help fund this, could I ask for more cow bell?

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