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Talk Talk’s ‘The Colour of Spring,’ ‘Spirit of Eden’ to be reissued on CD, vinyl, DVD

Having released 1991′s Laughing Stock on vinyl for the first time ever last year, Talk Talk continues to reissue its catalog, this time with 1986’s The Colour of Spring and 1988’s Spirit of Eden set for an April release on 180-gram audiophile vinyl with an accompanying DVD featuring a new 96 kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo mix.

Due out April 2 in the U.K. via EMI, the two albums are cut on vinyl from the original analog masters, and each feature a bonus track on the DVD version; The Colour of Spring features B-side “It’s Getting Late This Evening” and Spirit of Eden includes B-side “John Cope.”

On the same date, EMI is releasing straight CD reissues — with no bonus material, but with updated artwork coordinated by frontman Mark Hollis — of those two albums, plus 1982’s The Party’s Over and 1984’s It’s My Life. Together, the albums trace the English group’s evolution from its early synthpop roots into a more a more experimental, art-rock group

Check out the video preview of the reissues posted above.






  1. For those out there that never bought into SACD’s, ‘The Colour Of Spring’ and ‘Spirit Of Eden’ are 2 good reasons to get a player and add it to your stereo; outstanding in this format! The DVD’s most likely come from those masters which should also be worth getting for anyone with a good 4-speaker setup in their home. Can’t wait to hear them on good vinyl!!

  2. Truman Falls

    Sadly the SACD format of The Colour Of Spring And Spirit Of Eden was only in stereo and not in 5.1 I have both copies and they do sound great although the vinyl versions are my first port of call. looking forward to the 180g releases.

    why EMI have not put The bsides and extended mixes from the Colour Of Spring on to the DVD version is a mystery. The 12″ take of Happiness is easy remixed by Paul webb and Lee Harris is exceptional

  3. Andrew Curragh

    I remember the first time I put this album on my turntable. Was not a fan of Talk Talk but audiophile magazines of the time raved of the excellence of the pressing and quality of vinyl that EMI had invested in the project. Had a decent Rega turntable but mediocre amp and speakers yet I was blown away with the soundstage. Got the CD and it does not work in the same way.

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