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Lee Ranaldo on Sonic Youth: ‘Somehow I can’t imagine it’s really the end of it’

Lee Ranaldo may have an excellent new solo album to promote — Between the Times and the Tides, due out March 20 on Matador Records — but he’s invariably going to be asked at every turn about the future of Sonic Youth, given last year’s break-up of bandmates and spouses Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

In a new video for Pitchfork, Ranaldo addresses the tenuous status of Sonic Youth:

“We’re not really saying what the future holds for Sonic Youth right now. We’re saying we’re taking a break. There’s a bunch of stuff to be sorted out, a bunch of personal issues that we’re kind of asking the media to kind of just step back and let happen in their natural way. We really don’t have any definite plans at this point. We’re not calling it quits and we’re not booking a session for tomorrow afternoon or whatever. … We’re just going to let some cool out time go by. Somehow I can’t imagine it’s really the end of it, but, you know, we’ve had a good 30-year run, so we’ll see what happens.”

The clip, seen above, also finds Ranaldo discussing Between the Times and Tides, and includes performance footage filmed in New York, including a full run through first single “Off the Wall.”





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  1. Moonmoylan

    I’m pretty sure the album name is “Between the Times and the Tides”.

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