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Contest: Win The B-52s’ ‘With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, Ga.’ live DVD

Last fall, we gave away a handful of copies of The B-52s’ first-ever live album, and now that the companion concert film is nearly here, the fine folks at Universal Music Group have provided us with three copies of the “With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, Ga.” DVD to award to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The DVD — see the tracklist below — will be released March 20 by Eagle Rock Entertainment, and was recorded at a show last year commemorating the 34th anniversary of the band’s first-ever live performance on Valentine’s Day in 1977. You can check out a couple video clips of classic tunes “Rock Lobster” and “Private Idaho” from the DVD here.

To enter, drop a comment below offering your thoughts on the use of tanning butter (pro, con, conflicted, etc.) We’ll accept entries, from anywhere in the world, through 12 p.m EDT Friday, March 23. After that point, we’ll select three winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit e-mail address when you enter, or you can’t claim your prize.

Good luck.


Tracklist: The B-52s, “With the Wild Crowd! Live in Athens, Ga.”

1. “Pump”
2. “Private Idaho”
3. “Mesopotamia”
4. “Ultraviolet”
5. “Dancing Now”
6. “Give Me Back My Man”
7. “Funplex”
8. “Whammy Kiss”
9. “Deadbeat Club”
10. “Roam”
11. “52 Girls”
12. “Party Out Of Bounds”
13. “Love In The Year 3000”
14. “Cosmic Thing”
15. “Hot Corner”
16. “Love Shack”
17. “Wig”
18. “Strobe Light”
19. “Planet Claire”
20. “Rock Lobster”






  1. Jim stewart

    When you are red haired & fair complexion, the last thing you ever want to use us is tanning butter!

    Pass me the SPF50!

  2. oh well.. i just looove itttttttt!!!!!!!

  3. Bryan Heitz

    Con. The sun needs no help frying the skin, especially in the South and in the Desert. Butter’s for eatin’ anyhow!!

    love the B-52s!!!

  4. Tanning butter can be a wonderful product when used properly. Proper usage of tanning butter is to apply liberally when baking like a potato. Baking In the sun.

  5. Mary Turner

    I put tanning butter on my popcorn! it’s delicious!

  6. Pass the tanning butter so I can bake golden, tasty and delicious!

  7. Tanning butter? I prefer mayonnaise.

  8. Nuno Zarcos

    Using tanning butter you feels like Ian McCulloch singing the cutter.

  9. Tanning butter is useful to pass along at the beach to someone new to meet! ;)

  10. OOhhh, if slather on some tanning butter, I might attract a ROCK LOBSTER!!!
    Seriously, we watched this on PBS and my 8 year old and I loved it. Here’s t a new generation B’s fans!!

  11. Tanning butter is not my thing, (fair Irish skin doesn’t look right with the stuff) but I would totally use it if I could. Why not? It’s better than exposing your precious epidermis to the sun too much, isn’t it?

  12. Tanning Butter? … um, nobody tans anymore .. didn’t you know pale is the new black?

  13. Rock Lobster

    narwhals like to eat tanning butter

  14. I’m Robert Smith variety pale – no tanning butter for me! SPF 500!

  15. Tanning butter, do they have the “salt-reduced” ones? Ha!

  16. yous should only use tanning butter if you want to tan your hide!

  17. dara giannotti

    Tanning butter landing me a body full of freckles pass me tha tanning frosting!

  18. As a child, I was very much pro-tanning butter as I enjoyed its taste and texture. As I got older, I realized it was supposed to be applied to your skin. I gave that a shot but found that it would sizzle under the hot sun, like a pat of butter on a hot sidewalk. I have since switched to tanning lotion which I must say gives me the tan of the Islands whatever that means.

  19. mcadawg2000

    I heard huffing vaporized tanning butter helps give the interior of one’s lungs a nice, healthy George Hamilton-ish bronze tone.

  20. Robert Breeden

    I can’t believe it’s not tanning butter!

  21. While I am not a big fan of tanning, the butter angle has my attention….

  22. Michael Byer


  23. I’m too pale. No thank you.

  24. There used to be a woman down the street who used it to tan a lot when she was younger. At 35, she looked like she was either in her 60’s or had gotten third degree burns.
    With her in mind, I vote no on tanning butter.

  25. Tanning butter is OK, but I like “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Tanning Butter!” better. say that 3 times fast!

  26. If listening to “Summer of Love” or “Theme from a Nude Beach”, I say “sure, lather on the tanning butter.” If listening to Fred Schneider solo, I say avoid it. It’s always “Summer in Hell” and you’ll surely burn.

  27. Tim Simmons

    Tanning butter can be used in many ways, and some I will not talk about….

  28. I was once asked about tanning butter.
    Personally, it makes my heart flutter.
    When soaking up rays,
    I’ll use it all days,
    until I’m dead in the gutter

  29. Tanning butter is the secret ingredient to turn your Thanksgiving turkey a golden brown.

  30. Dustan Jackson

    tanning butter? very not-PC!

  31. I like Tanning Butter,
    I like toast and jam,
    That’s what my baby feeds me,
    I’m his loving man

  32. I do look better with a tan after all!:)

  33. Pro. When chilled to just the right consistency, it makes a marvelous base for a light, summery fruit meringue.

  34. Bottom line if you self tan now at a young age yes, you look pretty but when you get older your skin will be like a briefcase. It’s not a good idea love who you are and how you look how you were made don’t alter it!

  35. jason adams

    there’s a monster in my pants (coated in tanning butter) and he makes me wanna dance

  36. I pass on the tanning butter, use ghee

  37. Tanning butter is something you put on tanning toast

  38. Absolutely a obligation for shiny happy people

  39. Don’t care how but I need to get some tan soon! I look like a f***ing ghost!

  40. Uh…what’s tanning butter?

  41. matt pleem

    I like I cant believe its not tanning butter, much better than the tanning margarine

  42. Even Julia Childs talked of the benefits of butter. I’m sure tanning butter is included! Makes me want to launch a line of Private Idaho Potato Waffle Fries.

  43. Is there any other kind of butter other than tanning butter?

  44. charles alexander

    I finally heard in an interview from 2008 when “Funplex” came out (EXCELLENT offering) that Fred reports growing up in JERsey, that was a commonly heard phrase…”Pass tha TANnnning Buttah”….The voice he used was hysterical. It is still a clever, funny lyric and the B’S were and still are an important, revolutionary
    alternative band…They used humour, kitsch and made infectously addictive dance music==paving the way for bands in college rock to this day…Way underrated.

    AND the best party band ever still…

  45. It’s a good thing….really…Don’t knock it until you tried it!

  46. I’ll use it if it’ll keep the jelly fish away.

  47. Tanning Butter + Fair Skin = Rock Lobster!

  48. Con. A good luck today isn’t worth a shorter life tomorrow.

  49. Carl Sampson

    Tanning butter does not work on me. I turn red like a rock lobster.

  50. guy mazzaglia

    B-Ware!! Tanning butter will burn your beautiful bum!

  51. The other Keith

    Absolute great pairing – lobster and butter!

  52. Jamie Pierce

    If one is to pass the tanning butter, please do so on the left hand side.

  53. Unless you are looking for wildlife attraction on this ‘Wild Planet’, maybe not the best thing.

  54. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  55. I will often use tanning butter here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (yes…near my own private Idaho), but, without any sun, I find that I just walk around slimy and pasty-white.

  56. Gettin nothin but butter (tanning)
    Gettin nothin but butter (tanning)
    Gettin nothin but butter on Channel Z!

  57. ralph barrientos

    If you hope to be a “52 Girl”…PASS THE TANNING BUTTER!!!!

  58. I have fair skin and spent too much of my youth in the water surfing and now I am paying for it. So I am against tanning butter. Absolutely.

  59. Tanning Butter smells sssssoooo good-especially the rich, delicious scent of coconut and cocoa-butter – it smells so delicious you want to eat it. So-I suggest you put on the tanning butter on your sigificant other—-and lick it off him/her. It feels ssssssoooo good—mmmmmmm!!

  60. If you can’t be in the sun because you burn easily, then tanning butter is a good option. I’m brown, so I don’t need it. ;)

    † The Deacon †

  61. baked buttered, hot toasted buns

  62. Stephen Duke lord Esq

    When the Sun is out nothing better than buttering the better half’s muffins. ;-)

  63. tanning butter sounds delicious!

  64. Tanning butter? Tantastic!

  65. Jeffrey Wrye

    -You got some Tanning Butter?
    -Yeah, uh huh, I swear
    -You got a pan the right size?
    -A pan?
    -It says in this cookbook it takes a long time to rise
    -I read that… Now, beware
    -Mmm… Let’s get this thing in the oven!

  66. Paul Dearborn

    I’ve heard that tanning butter is the only know cure for Whammy Kiss Disease. But that’s just what I’ve heard – no guarantee that it’s true.

  67. Marci Alexander

    Tanning Butter….Just say no!

  68. We were at a party, when someone reached out and grabbed him and I said, “Hey! Give me back my man!” They tried to touch my pineapple, so my man konked them with the tanning butter and turned on a strobe light. After shimmy shaking, we made our escape from the love shack and into our own private Idaho.

  69. I am danish, and i do not know what tanning butter is… But i would love the dvd :-)

  70. Tanning butter is best

  71. Pass the Tanning butter!! I live in Florida i need it!! Then pass the Boy Butter!!! Good stuff…gimme some of that good stuff!!

  72. Tanning butter sounds dangerous!

  73. tanning butter? I stay out of the sun…

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