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Video: Close Lobsters at Madrid Popfest — first show with original lineup since 1989

The original five-person lineup of Scottish indie-pop outfit Close Lobsters — immortalized on the NME’s genre-defining C86 compilation cassette — reunited on Saturday at Madrid Popfest for its first concert since 1989, part of what, so far, is just a three-date reunion, with appearances coming up in Glasgow and Berlin.

Haven’t been able to dig up a full setlist yet, but the band, on its official Twitter account, did report: “That was fucking awesome. Fantastic audience. Muchas gracious Madrid.” Thanks to YouTube user , however, we can present video of four songs, including the band’s debut single, “Going to Heaven to See If It Rains,” which is posted above, plus, below, you can find “Skyscrapers of St. Mirin,” “Let’s Make Some Plans” and “Loopholes.”

The reunited Lobsters also will play a club in Glasgow on April 27 and Berlin Popfest on July 28, with the caveat that “further dates may be scheduled.” The Madrid show was the original lineup’s first since a Nov. 24, 1989, gig at CBGB’s in New York City.









  1. I just wanted to say the gig was fantastic. I will upload a few short videos myself as soon as I have the time. The gig was around 70 minutes long, there was an encore with two tracks. As for the setlist, this is what they played (not exactly in this order).

    -instrumental intro (unreleased)
    -I kiss the flower in bloom
    -head above water (unreleased, they used to play this song in 1989)
    -Deep House (another 20-year old ‘new’ song)
    -skyscrapers of st mirin
    -nature thing
    -(another ‘unreleased’ track, I don’t know the title)
    -lets make some plans
    -a prophecy
    -got apprehension
    -going to heaven to see if it rains
    -just too bloody stupid
    -never seen before

    It was a bit strange that they played three unreleased tracks instead of other fan favorites but the gig was great and the band sounded amazing. During “a prophecy” Andy said something like “this is a stadium rock song but we never had the chance to play stadiums…well, empty stadiums maybe..”.
    For me, It was a dream come true, a dream I never thought it would happen and I’d like to thank Slicing up eyeballs because even though I live in Madrid I didn’t know about the gig until I read it here, otherwise I would probably have missed it so thank you very very much.

  2. Gonzax, como me hubiera gustado estar allí. Si me hubiese enterado habría bajado desde Valladolid a verlos. Uno de mis grupos favoritos de siempre y yo sin saber que habían vuelto (aunque sea para tres conciertos) y tocando tan cerca… Me arrepentiré siempre!!!!

    • te entiendo. Yo me enteré dos meses antes, si llego a perdérmelo me da algo. Ojalá no sea la última vez que vuelvan.

  3. Great gig. Rejuvenated memories. Excellent crowd.
    Gonzax, think the song title you are missing is “Steel Love”. Thanks for the reminders of the other songs. Recall most now.

    • that’s true. The crowd was great, everybody was singing and having a fantastic time. Thanks for the missing title!!

  4. Rich Baybusky

    I was at and taped that CBGB’s gig! Drop me an email,would love to get copies of any Close Lobsters material I don’t have.
    Rich B.

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