Video — March 19, 2012 at 6:00 am

Video: Public Image Ltd.’s full set at 6 Music anniversary concert — featuring 2 new songs

On Friday night, John Lydon’s reconstituted Public Image Ltd. performed at the 10th anniversary concert in London for BBC’s 6 Music, and, in the process, debuted two tracks — “Deeper Water” and the single “One Drop,” which has been aired on U.K. radio — off the group’s forthcoming album This Is PiL.

The full 52-minute set can now be seen via the BBC player posted above.  Plus, you can catch PiL live again today when the band plays a “secret” show to help launch Record Store Day 2012 — and that full set will be webcast at starting at 2 p.m. EST.


Setlist: Public Image Ltd., Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK, 3/16/12

1. “Deeper Water”
2. “This Is Not A Love Song”
3. “Disappointed”
4. “Warrior”
5. “Albatross”
6. “Flowers of Romance”
7. “One Drop”
8. “Rise”






  1. Paul Metzger

    How ironic-a man who loathes the queen performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall. Whats next, butter ads? Oh wait…….

  2. I’m far too amused to discover that the BBC player above has a volume control that “goes to 11”. Well played, BBC.

  3. dara giannotti

    Thanks so much for posting!!! Love P.I.L.!

  4. David Eachus

    Paul Metzger, you foolish boy. When trying to be clever, make sure you get your facts right before looking like a dim wit. He never said he disliked the queen, fool!

  5. Fantastic! Loved this concert :)
    “What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do?”
    “Put it up to eleven.”
    “Eleven. Exactly. One louder.”

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