Digital Music — March 22, 2012 at 11:13 am

Stream: Soulsavers f/ Dave Gahan, ‘Longest Day’ — first single off ‘The Light the Dead See’

Electronic project Soulsavers returns in May with a new album of songs featuring the vocal talents of Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan, and today we bring you the first single, “Longest Day,” which is now streaming below. The full album, The Light the Dead See, is out May 22 via Mute Records.





  1. Rigamortiis

    Oh Dave your voice always gets to me and i love listening to it over and over again…i seriously just can’t enough lol bad joke XD

  2. The other Keith

    DG is in rare form, eagerly await next DM project!

  3. In case your curious, the poem “borrowed” for the title:

  4. Autotune toothache! Hasn’t Leonard Cohen/Tom waits taught anyone anything? Leave the bark, the growl, the rattle.

  5. smooth as butter

  6. Sorry, to put it politely this is dog poop. I’m a huge fan of Dave Gahan’s voice, this music is watered down mush without any backbone.

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