Video — March 30, 2012 at 6:00 am

Video: Peter Hook talks Joy Division’s ‘Closer,’ Martin Hannett at Amoeba Music

During his last round of U.S. dates performing Joy Division’s two studio albums last September, bassist Peter Hook dropped by Amoeba Music in Hollywood for an interview in which he discusses the making of Closer, working with late producer Martin Hannett, the band’s adoption of synths (“I’ve never been interested in keyboards. I hate them”) and much more. Check out the full eight-and-a-half minute interview.






  1. I love Joy Division but for God’s sake, give it a rest… It’s been talked about, merchandised, & revisited to death. Got to love how he is doing his best to piss all over the legacy of New Order as well… Please people, stop interviewing this bitter old blow-hard.

  2. I agree with you completely, TS.

  3. Please–give us the names of the people that are forcing you to read/listen to Peter Hook and we’ll have the authorities rescue you. What are they using?–drugs, alcohol, torture? You poor souls. BTW, what happens to a legacy when it’s pissed on? Seriously, you whiners troll this site insisting that Hook is wrecking the (cough) legacy. So–you can’t listen to the music, now? It makes you ill? Won’t wear your concert tee, it makes you rash? Go kiss your kids, how ’bout that? Although, my guess–you are kids. Legacy…

    • Nothing can ever change what the music actually is – and it is great for sure – but the repeated asinine comments in interviews and the disparaging of the other members of Joy Division/New Order (especially Mr. Hook’s rather crummy treatment of Gillian Gilbert) plus the inferior cover-band quality of these JD tours can definitely color one’s personal perception of the music.

  4. Get out of the way of Lost Sirens, ya prick.

  5. Good interview. The “I hate synths”, “I love to experiment” seems a bit contradictory. Good luck to him. I’m still listening to Joy Division and finding new things. Back to it :)

  6. peter hook=roger waters. Bass player exiles himself, believes his former bandmates are a “spent force”. Singularily declares end of band. Band reaches out to former keyboardist. Tour, make new records, become bigger than ever, bassist becomes angrier, tours to smaller crowds, becomes a footnote for decades. Eventually gives up, reconciles (maybe)…..

  7. What Michael said. Seconded. Hooky = Roger.

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