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Vintage Video: Public Image Ltd., X, OMD, Simple Minds, INXS on ‘American Bandstand’

The legacy of “American Bandstand” and its host of 33 years — the eternally youthful Dick Clark, who died today of a massive heart attack at age 82 — is focused largely on the primal rock ‘n’ roll of the ’50s and ’60s that the program helped popularize. But both Clark and “Bandstand” played an important role in the ’80s, too, helping bring the burgeoning New Wave and college rock scenes to mainstream America at a time when the still-nascent MTV wasn’t universally available on American cable networks.

Below, we’ve rounded up clips of bands such as Simple Minds, X, OMD, Adam & The Ants, Oingo Boingo, Devo and many more — including the infamous Public Image Ltd. appearance — both performing on “American Bandstand” and being interviewed by Clark (who, you’ll note, always made sure to introduce every band member at the top of the chat).

Some of the performance footage, not surprisingly, belies its grainy VHS origins, but most of the interviews are pristine, thanks to an upload of dozens of clips to Dick Clark Productions’ YouTube channel this evening in the hours after Clark’s death.

As Clark famously signed off each show, “For now, Dick Clark… so long.”


ABC, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


Adam & The Ants, “Antmusic” on “American Bandstand” 1981


Adam & The Ants, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


a-ha, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


Berlin, “No More Words” on “American Bandstand” 1984


Blondie, “Heart of Glass” on “American Bandstand” 1979


Devo, interview on “American Bandstand” 1981


The English Beat, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


INXS, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


Oingo Boingo, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


OMD, “We Love You” on “American Bandstand” 1985


OMD, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


Public Image Ltd., “Poptones” and “Careering” on “American Bandstand” 1980


Romeo Void, “A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)” on “American Bandstand” 1984


Scritti Politti, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


Simple Minds, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


Simple Minds, “Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)” on “American Bandstand” 1983


Simple Minds, “Promised You a Miracle” on “American Bandstand” 1983


Tears For Fears, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985


Thompson Twins, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


Wire Train, “Chamber of Hellos” on “American Bandstand” 1984


X, interview on “American Bandstand” 1983


X, interview on “American Bandstand” 1985





  1. A truly astounding collection of clips from so many great artists. Thank you!

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    Fantastic selection of clips- thanks so much for this! :)

  3. Thanks for these, I had no idea that some of these bands appeared on the show. (Wire Train? Amazing). Great stuff.

    • No problem. Thanks for reminding me w/ the PiL clip last night. Most of this wouldn’t have been possible if Dick Clark Productions hadn’t uploaded all those interviews last night. Too bad they couldn’t do the performances, too, but I’m sure that’s a rights issue…

  4. I don’t know if there’s footage of this, but I seem to remember R.E.M.’s “Radio Free Europe” showing up on the Rate-A-Record. I don’t remember it doing well; I thinkit lost to Lipps, Inc. or some cheesy post-disco like that…

  5. Jose Jones

    Clark was a true professional who did his homework on the artists that were to appear on his show (his questions to Michael about Perth for example). Awesome clips. Thank you.

  6. Rest well Dick Clark. He opened doors and stood up for non mainstream bands and did the World a great service.

  7. I remember my 1st concert: It was Inxs with PiL opening up! RIP Dick Clark.

  8. I love the kids trying to dance to PIL!!!!

  9. Great videos, RIP Dick Clark and Michael Hutchence.

  10. Thanks, this was good stuff.

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