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Contest: Win Peter Gabriel’s ‘Live Blood’ — new 2CD orchestral live album

Today marks the release of Peter Gabriel’s new 2CD, 22-track concert album Live Blood — featuring performances of classics such as “Solsbury Hill,” “Don’t Give Up” and “Red Rain” with a full orchestra recorded in London last year — and we’ve got three copies of the album to award to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

To enter, simply drop a comment below — any comment. Since we’ve already done the name-your-favorite-song and name-your-favorite-album things on past Peter Gabriel contests, feel free to confess your love for Genesis or expound on how you, too, once held a boombox over your head and blasted “In Your Eyes” in an attempt at pubescent wooing.

This contest is open to entrants anywhere in the world, and we’ll take entries until 12 p.m. EST Friday, May 4.  After that point, we’ll select three winners at random and contact them via e-mail — so please remember to use a legit address when you enter. And if the winner don’t respond after one full week, we’ll select new ones. Believe it or not, that’s happened.

Check out full details on Live Blood here, and stream the record over at Rolling Stone.






  1. Derick Gomez

    I love his So album.

  2. Love Peter Gabriel, Games without Frontiers is still one of my fav 80’s songs

  3. Tammi Perdew

    thank you Slicing Up Eyeballs!

  4. richard weaver

    id love a copy of this!

  5. mcadawg2000

    I may not have pulled a “Say Anything” back in the eighties, but I did shock a monkey or two. Not intentionally, though.

  6. I hope he releases this on vinyl.

  7. Dan Fetherston

    Great contest. Thanks for the updates.

  8. I just started listening to _Passion_ when this post came up. Obviously a sign that I should win this contest.

  9. Tripp d'Ablemont

    BIG FAN!!!

  10. Michael Link

    I only recently started to listening to early Genesis and recently bought Peter Gabriel’s “Melt” and it’s soooo GREAT would love a copy of this album!!!!

  11. Bryan Gibson

    “Melt” and “Scratch” are my favorite solo albums; also fond of the “Birdy” soundtrack. “Selling England By The Pound” is my top Genesis record.

  12. Saw him in Buffalo at Kleinhan’s, late 70s.

  13. Gimme :-)

  14. Thank you for all the great work Slicing Up Eyeballs. For the record, So, PG3 and PG4 are some of the finest albums ever created.

  15. How badly would you want an interview with Gabriel, even knowing ahead of time that he’s a “rascal” sometimes with the press? I’d still love to chat with him. (In the meantime, I’d love to enter this contest!)

  16. Would love to win a copy of Peter Gabriel’s CD set. Really looking forward to listening to this release.

  17. So was one of the first albums I bought. I was 12 years old.

    Gotta win one of these sometime…

  18. Have the concert on Blu-ray, would be nice to pop it into the CD player.

  19. Greg Rienzi

    Loved these songs live in Philadelphia. A great night with a great orchestra.

  20. just love Pete.

  21. Never held the boombox over my head, but nonetheless have been a Gabriel fan since Genesis — would love to win this!

  22. PG’s Blood Live…I want it :)

  23. I would really like to win this … I’m having such a crap week!

  24. Jeffrey Wrye

    Hope I win, thanks :-)

  25. It’s all well and good, but it’d be nice if Gabriel didn’t take a decade to cobble together new material . . .

  26. Dominic Bucci

    Looking forward to hearing the new album!

  27. Dianna Thomas

    Thank you

  28. Thanks to Peter Gabriel, I won’t give up.

  29. comment

  30. Michelle Rittel

    These concerts were fantastic! :)

  31. Hats off to PG for not sitting still. BUT what I wouldn’t give to hear Supper’s Ready reworked for Orchestra – !

  32. Ian McMichael

    Gabriel-era Genesis is so essential. The guy has a vision and I love it.

  33. Remarkable…

  34. ME, ME, ME!

  35. Phill Portsmouth

    I was thinking of getting a dozen or more PG fans together and doing a kind of flashmob in HMV or similar and holding a boombox above my head, play “In your eyes” and have us all dance to the music using moves seen at concerts and filming it on my mobile.. Whwt do you guys think?

  36. Love the comment above: “I di shock a monkey or two. Not intentionally though.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Me too.

  37. Thanks for offering these contests…it’s fun to hope!

  38. MCADAWG2000, thank you : “I did shock a monkey or two. Not intentionally, though.” ha ha ha ha ha ha. Me too.

  39. such an amazing artist

  40. Deb Qureshi

    Wishing I could have seen Peter on his last tour but the double cd will have to do.

  41. Ty Snouffer

    Brining new life to classic songs I’ve heard thousands of times? There is hope . . .

  42. Love PG all the time…

  43. Regarding Genesis – Most of the Genesis records after Peter left were pretty poppy and boring. I bet you Phil Collins dosn’t even listen to to the post-Gabriel stuff, or his own solo records for that matter. Really enjoy what Peter has been doing lately.

  44. I don’t give up…

  45. Great musician and singer

  46. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, favorite Genesis song.

  47. This would make a nice companion piece to the blu-ray.

  48. Nuno Torpes

    I won´t give up. It will be mine or I’ll hit myself with a sledgehammer!!

  49. I loved buying all of the 12″ singles off of So and Us. The mixes and artwork were just fantastic. Thanks!

  50. Peter Gabriel’s “So” was my first cassette. I wore that thing out! I can sing every word to every song (though I can’t do them justice).

  51. I once inadvertently wrote a song lyric as a result of a Gabriel album discussion. A group of friends were e-mailing back and forth about it, and when I said I was “a I-III-Security kind of guy,” someone said that “I-III-Security” would be a great song title. So I dashed off a verse and chorus, and my friend Doug Mayo-Wells then did a second verse and the music, and… instant song!

  52. Any comment!

  53. Us album and tour were fantastic!

  54. Wish I could have seen this on our, can’t wait to hear the CD’s though. My favorite less-than-well-known PG solo track is probably “Walk Through The Fire” – check it out!

  55. Alex Ezell

    Hammers are tools of justice. Who shocked the monkey?

  56. Cynthia M.

    Can’t wait for some new material by Peter Gabriel

  57. I am the intruder.

  58. The soundtrack to Birdy was probably my first introduction to Peter Gabriel. Mesmerizing sonic background to a great film.

  59. Saw Genesis on their last old school tour in 1982. Never saw a band go downhill so fast after that. “Supper’s Ready, “Lamb lies down,” and “Know what I like” were great Gabriel era chestnuts.

  60. I profess my love for The Cure, Depeche Mode, etc…but Peter Gabriel defined my early childhood.

  61. I really do think that Peter Gabriel’s non-song material, particularly the Passion soundtrack, is often overlooked and possibly the thing he does best.

  62. The Other Keith

    I am over the hill, full-tilt, with the sun in my eyes, hoping to be the selected few!

  63. Red rain.

  64. My Peter Gabriel catalog is severely lacking. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

  65. I like Peter Gabriel

  66. Henry Bemis

    Peter Gabriel is a real rock star. I don’t care what anyone says!

  67. rob pelikan

    good candidate for best male voice of all time

  68. Jennifer Webber

    I was lucky enough to see the New Blood concert last summer – AWESOME!

  69. Greg Ruggieri

    I am sick of the whole orchestra thing, it was suppose to be a record, short tour and on to new material. It is now 2 years gone (10+ since original material) and still doing the orchestra thing……but I still want the free disc, just sayin’
    My 1st genesis show was in 1973, see genesis with PG 20+times, seen PG on every solo tour, and can not wait to see PG with the band with new material

  70. Scott Mittleman

    I became a Peter Gabriel fan in 1986, the year of “So’s” release. I did not know much about him prior to “So.” I absolutely fell in love with the “So” record. I would exercise to it everyday. Listen to it when I took drives. Traveled with it on my Walkman. “Red Rain”, “That Voice Again”, “Don’t Give Up.” I think it was the first time I realized I was listening to a true “artist.” I have enjoyed all his work ever since.

  71. Paula Nahmías

    It would be great to win…I’m a big fan.

  72. lori malone

    Seeing this show at Red Rocks ROCKED!

  73. I would love a copy of this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  74. matt pleem

    so peter gabriel last year at red rocks, and in spite of the rain, it was a great time

  75. Jim McCabe

    I wanna win!

  76. yep…..i was 17 and was on a first date while watching ‘Say Anything’. thank you very much Peter Gabriel……thank you!

  77. Andy Taylor

    It’s a Knockout!

  78. Gee… I have the wango-dango deluxe package & the O2 Arena show, why not add this?

  79. Hank Niemczyk

    Would love to have a copy of this. Thanks for running this site.

  80. I saw this tour at Red Rocks with a lightning storm going on in the background. It was… unforgettable.

  81. I’ve always loved his song D.I.Y.

  82. ME

  83. So . . .

  84. I also hope this set gets a vinyl release!

  85. fingers crossed

  86. Technical obligation.

  87. I’m the moron who put “Harold the Barrel” on a mix-tape for a girl. Please let me win the album despite that.

  88. How random is this contest? Do the comments affect who wins?…

  89. That voice again…

  90. I enjoy Peter Gabriel for all he’s contributed to music

  91. Richard Lemanski

    Looking forward to listening to this all summer long.

  92. I’m a huge fan of Peter’s post-Genesis career. I saw the “New Blood” tour last year and it was unbelievable.

  93. I love his voice!!!

  94. this will hold us over until a new album…

  95. Wallflower is stunning!

  96. This release sounds exciting. About time we got an orchestra behind Gabriel.

  97. Debra Grant

    I could use a good piece of luck. This would do it!!!

  98. Glad to see an album version of that great show.

  99. Looking forward to hearing this one!

  100. Hi There! I’m on my way, I’m making it, I’m gonna make it show YEAH!

  101. Saw the New Blood tour three times. Amazing every time. And seeing a pot bellied Lou Reed destroy Solsbury Hill during intermission at the Radio City show was a surprise treat.

  102. Sadly, I do not own a boombox, but I would love a copy of this album.

  103. Would love the new Live Blood for my collection. Mr. PowerPop @ KSCU is always plugging this Slicing Up Eyeballs…Great resource!

  104. Looking forward to listening to this one for sure!

  105. Hey, Peter Gabriel is awesome! Music aside, I think he also has one of the top 10 videos of all time – Sledgehammer!

  106. I have to see Peter Gabriel live one of these days.

  107. Still well up when I hear “Don’t Give Up”. Just lovely.

  108. Saw him back in the 80s. Great performance.

  109. Almost missed him on the So tour, had tickets for the first night but thought it was the second night. Tried to scale the fence, but they were kind enough to let me on the lawn. Awesome show!!

  110. I’ve lost track of him in recent years. It’ll be great to see what the master has been up to.

  111. KJ Turner

    While I’ve never held a boombox over my head, the album with “Biko” and “Through the Wire” on it remains one of my favorites to this day.

  112. Nick Wansha

    Thanks for the chance. The band beating drums in the beginning of San Jacinto and marching through the crowd on the Security tour back in 1982 was a great way to start the show.

  113. Jason Collette

    So many memories associated with Peter Gabriel songs. And even better, I remember how listening to him opened up a door to old Genesis – Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is still one of my favorite albums.

  114. When the night shows, the signals grow, on radios
    All the strange things, they come and go, as early warnings

  115. Oh, I bet this is amazing! I was riveted when he did “Biko” on Letterman with the orchestra. Fingers crossed!

  116. Steve Vasko

    Would love to see him come back to the US for this tour. It was intense live!

  117. I want to win something for once!

  118. Joe "BraveJoe" Chromy

    I’m A fan of Peter’s since Genesis. But did not recognize his true awesome talent until I listened to the movie soundtrack “Birdy”.

  119. I would love to add this to my PG collection. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  120. Scoty in Salida

    many Many hours driving to bicycle races in the late 1980’s in NH listening to Peter and Genesis. Must have for the long drives now in Colorado!

  121. Just think what it would’ve been like if Dolly Parton sang on Don’t Give Up!

  122. Dougie Wells

    Looks like PG has entered some new machinery for this release…

  123. Nancy Dershowitz

    Love him! Flew to Milwaukee last year just to see him in Summerfest!!!

  124. christina scott

    pick me. . . for no good reason at all. :)

  125. dgclothy

    All freebies are welcome!!

    Enough of the New Blood though!!

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