Album News, Video — April 26, 2012 at 6:30 am

Video: Depeche Mode releases time-lapse clip of recording studio being set up

Last we checked in with Depeche Mode, the band was due to enter the studio this past March to begin work on its 13th studio album, which Martin L. Gore has said will be out “no later than early 2013.” Now DM is teasing fans with this first evidence that the group is at work on its next LP, releasing a 43-second time-lapse video of the band’s synths and other gear being set up in a studio. Check it out above via Waveformless.







  1. Whoa! A System 700. Despite all the vintage gear, I hope the record actually sounds like vintage Depeche and doesn’t stink the joint out like the previous few efforts.

  2. Well, J….Pretty sure Ben Hillier pops up in that video, so it’ll probably sound loud, noisy, and grungy — much like the last 2 LPs. Damn shame.

  3. The band have become very set in their ways in terms of choice of producer and set up over the last couple of albums and therefor quite lazy imo. I wouldnt hold my breath for anything spectacular but you never know.
    Still it’ll be better than anything the Cure or u2 will churn out i suppose.

  4. Also, they spent less than a month in the studio and are now on a break until june. Wtf?

  5. I agree Paul, I gave up on the Cure and U2 ages ago, but the latest DM is not all that bad in my opinion. There are some good tracks here and there. It also does look like Ben Hillier was in the video setting up, so it appears they are still using him.

  6. I was not a fan Playing/Angels, but thought Sounds/Universe was FANTASTIC!

  7. This one better be decent or it’s curtain for Depeche Mode.

  8. Dont get me wrong i did like Sounds Of The Universe, Wrong in particular is up there with DM’s best singles. But for the first time it sounded as if the band were out of step, using old vintage synths along with a complete lack of focus and direction. The fact that they are using the exact same set up and production team again is very worrying.

  9. I could be wrong but i’ve heard mutterings that Gahan isnt very happy about working with Hillier again, so maybe its Gore whos become the stick in the mudd.

  10. With confirmed reports that Gahan is as excited as ever about getting back into the studio, surely he knew of Hillier’s presence. Just no Ross Robinson. :)

  11. Just random mutterings from the official DM fan forum.
    Ah yes, Ross Robinson, the man that ruined the Cure forever.

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