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Bob Mould: Triple-disc reissue, ‘Copper Blue’ in Milwaukee, Amendment One protest gig

Time to round up all the latest Bob Mould news: Demon Music Group this summer will reissue two of the Hüsker Dü frontman’s ’90s solo albums together with a live disc, Mould will perform Sugar’s Copper Blue at Milwaukee’s Summerfest this July, and he’ll headline a benefit concert in North Carolina this week to help defeat a measure that would prohibit recognition of same-sex marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships.

First up, as our friends at The Second Disc note, Demon will release on June 18 in the U.K. a three-disc set that collects 1996’s Bob Mould and 1998’s The Last Dog and Pony Show, plus Live Dog ’98, an 18-track concert disc recorded in London and released in 2002. The set is a bit then on bonus material, with five B-sides appended to the first disc and an interview with Mould at the end of the second CD. The three-disc set arrives the week after the last of Demon’s three upcoming Sugar reissues is released.

Speaking of Sugar, Mould — backed by Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy — will perform 1992’s Copper Blue at Milwaukee’s Summerfest on July 3 as part of a limited number of 20th anniversary showcases of the album. He’s already played it at San Francisco’s NoisePop and South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, this year, and has several European performances slated, too.

Finally, Mould on Sunday will headline a Merge Records-sponsored benefit concert in opposition to North Carolina’s Amendment One, which will be voted on next week. Mould will be joined by Superchunk, comedians David Cross and Tig Notaro, and more. Full details are available here.


Tour dates: Bob Mould Plays Copper Blue

June 1: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, UK
June 3: AB, Brussels, Belgium
July 3: Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Aug. 6: Tavasita, Helsinki, Finland
Aug. 8: Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
Aug. 9: Way Out West 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden
Aug. 11: Pardiso Grote Zaal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Aug. 14: Arena Wien, Vienna, Austria


Tracklist: Bob Mould, Bob Mould/The Last Dog and Pony Show/Live Dog ’98

Disc 1: Bob Mould
1. “Anymore Time Between”
2. “I Hate Alternative Rock”
3. “Fort Knox, King Solomon”
4. “Next Time That You Leave”
5. “Egøverride”
6. “Thumbtack”
7. “Hair Stew”
8. “Deep Karma Canyon”
9. “Art Crisis”
10. “Roll Over And Die”
11. “Wanted Was”
12. “Eternally Fried”
13. “Doubleface”
14. “Fort Knox, King Solomon” (Live)
15. “I Hate Alternative Rock” (Live)

Disc 2: The Last Dog and Pony Show
1. “New #1”
2. “Moving Trucks”
3. “Taking Everything”
4. “First Drag Of The Day”
5. “Classifieds”
6. “Who Was Around?”
7. “Skintrade”
8. “Vaporub”
9. “Sweet Serene”
10. “Megamanic”
11. “Reflecting Pool”
12. “Along The Way”
13. Bob Mould interviewed by Jack Rabid

Disc 3: Live Dog ’98: Live at the Forum, London, 29th October 1998
1. “Moving Trucks”
2. “Taking Everything”
3. “First Drag Of The Day”
4. “I Hate Alternative Rock”
5. “Stand Guard”
6. “Classifieds”
7. “Hear Me Calling”
8. “Art Crisis”
9. “Anymore Time Between”
10. “Skintrade”
11. “Eternally Fried”
12. “Roll Over And Die”
13. “Lonely Afternoon”
14. “Egøverride”
15. “Reflecting Pool”
16. “Disappointed”
17. “Hanging Tree”
18. “Man On The Moon”





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