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Mission of Burma reveals cover art, tracklist for ‘Unsound’ — band’s 4th post-reunion LP

We brought you news in late March of Unsound, the upcoming fifth studio album — and fourth post-reunion effort — from Boston post-punk legends Mission of Burma. Now the band has revealed the cover art and full tracklist for the collection, which is due out July 10 on Fire Records. And if you missed it the first time around, you can still stream the album’s lead-off track, “Dust Devil,” right over here.

According to a news release announcing the record, the band took great efforts this time around to “stretch musical boundaries,” with Roger Miller writing a pair of songs on bass instead of guitar, and another (the aforementioned lead-off track “Dust Devil”) through acoustic-guitar improvisation. Bob Weston also was called on to break out his trumpet.

Peter Prescott describes the process: “We are a four headed hydra trying to create unity without canceling or censoring each head. So we juggle melody, groove, noise, depression, disruption, ecstasy… tension, release. I guess it’s thrilling for us to walk that musical plank.”


Tracklist: Mission of Burma, Unsound

1. “Dust Devil”
2. “Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan”
3. “Sectionals In Mourning”
4. “This Is Hi-Fi”
5. “Second Television”
6. “Part The Sea”
7. “Fell –> H2O”
8. “ADD in Unison”
9. “7’s”
10. “What They Tell Me”
11. “Opener”





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