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My Bloody Valentine in Japan: Kevin Shields and Co. set to play Tokyo, Osaka in February

With the My Bloody Valentine’s long-delayed reissues now out and Kevin Shields talking openly about a new album, it appears 2013 will see actual MBV activity: The band is scheduled to perform three concerts in Japan next February, which would mark the dormant group’s first performances since 2009.

According to Time Out Japan (via Pitchfork), My Bloody Valentine will play Osaka on Feb. 6 and then Tokyo on Feb. 7 and 8. So far, no official word from the MBV camp on these dates or additional touring plans for 2013. Last week, the band finally released the long-promised 2-disc reissue of 1991 classic Loveless and its predecessor, 1988’s Isn’t Anything.


My Bloody Valentine tour dates:

Feb. 6: The Hatch, Osaka, Japan
Feb. 7: Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan
Feb. 8: Studio Coast, Tokyo, Japan






  1. Jose Jones

    HUGE NEWS. Sad truth is though that with record sales drying up, they have no choice but to reform.

  2. Hopefully Laneway Festival in AUSTRALIA then?

  3. Hopefully Laneway Festival in AUSTRALIA then?

  4. Apparently decibels an issue for outdoor appearances in Oz. Unsurprising really. The ‘Holocaust’ section of You Made Me Realise live supposedly would hit around 130dB. Never had a dB meter when I’d see them in the UK but on the numerous occasions I did they were stupendously loud.

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