Reunions — May 22, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Vince Clarke rejoins Depeche Mode… for dinner

It’s enough to make fans of (very) early Depeche Mode swoon: Photographic evidence of DM co-founder and current Erasure member Vince Clarke sitting down for dinner with former bandmates Dave Gahan, Martin Gore and Andy Fletcher.

The photo was posted to Facebook tonight by author Tonya Hurley — Clarke’s sister-in-law, who also has collaborated with Clarke musically in the past — about five hours after Clarke tweeted, “Tonight I am dining with the ‘Modes’. Apparently, Fletch is cooking…who knew?”

Clarke, of course, reunited with Gore earlier this year as VCMG. As for Depeche Mode, the band is currently in the studio with an eye toward releasing a new album early next year.





  1. A true “Photographic” moment. Har har har.

  2. oh…my…god……!!!!!!!

  3. Why the hell is Gahan wearing glasses? Bit old for a hipster phase isnt he?

  4. Somewhere Andy Bell is having a hissy fit of jealousy, lol.

    Seriously who cares about Vince Clarke, he did one record with them over 30 years ago. It would be really exciting if Alan Wilder was at that table or involved in the new record.

    • You are so right! The new songs + a studio + Wilder + 2 months. It should equal greatness.

    • Vince was more than just a guy who did one record with them. He was *the* founder of the band, and the main creative and driving force that got them going early on–without him, there would have never been a Depeche Mode. If Fletch can still hang around because the others are eternally grateful to him for helping Vince bring his buddy Martin into the band (which I’m sure was the only practical reason Vince had for working with Fletch to begin with), then I think they’re all still grateful to Vince for everything he had done for DM, not only for putting them together and doing the work that started their careers, but in hindsight also for leaving early, which worked out great for everyone, himself included. This reunion might be a waste of your time, but not theirs.

      As for Andy Bell, isn’t that him sitting almost out of view at the lower left? That profile and arm are a perfect match. I bet they all happened to be in New York on band business at the same time, and naturally decided to take advantage of this rare, coincidental opportunity to meet up. Alan wasn’t there because he didn’t happen to be in New York at the time. If he were, then I’m sure he would have been invited. Only Vince and Dave live there–the others all live thousands of miles away (Martin in California, Fletch and Alan in the UK, and Andy Bell in Spain).

  5. Some really dorky photo shoots coming in 2013 then.

  6. Yeah why not, lol

  7. Vince looks like he has a rubber head

  8. Vince Clarke truly is one of the great pop songwriters of the last 20-odd years, but i dont think Depeche Mode would have become the killer band they are if he had stayed. Having said that, i do like Erasure a lot, especially the Chorus album.

  9. Philip Blume

    Andy Bell was also present, he is the one sat bottom left.

  10. hahah Vince looks really funny.

    Fun to see old memories like this,
    keep on rocking and playing music.

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