Reunions, Video — May 26, 2012 at 1:33 pm

Video: Howard Devoto rejoins Buzzcocks for first time in 33 years at Manchester gig

Legendary punk act Buzzcocks staged the first of two “Back to Front” concerts last night, performing music from three different eras of the group’s history with three different lineups — including a closing set that saw the return of original frontman Howard Devoto, who hadn’t appeared with the band in more than 33 years.

The show, which will be repeated in London tonight, featured the current Buzzcocks lineup — original members Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, plus recent additions Danny Farrant and Chris Remington — beginning the show. Then, Steve Garvey and John Maher replaced Remington and Farrant for a set of songs from that lineup’s classic 1978-79 era.

And, finally, Devoto — who this year released his first Magazine album in 30 years — joined the Buzzcocks to perform the band’s 1977 debut four-song EP Spiral Scratch, the only record he appeared on, and a closing encore of The Troggs’ “I Can’t Control Myself,” according to John Robb’s review of the full concert over at Louder Than War.

In the video clip posted above, you can watch the full Spiral Scratch set: “Breakdown,” “Time’s Up,” “Boredom” and “Friends of Mine,” with the band flubbing the latter song when Shelley jumps ahead to the encore and starts singing backing vocals for “I Can’t Control Myself.”

And below, check out better-quality video of a couple of those individual performances, plus the final, show-closing run-through of “I Can’t Control Myself.”










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