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Video: Watch BBC’s ‘Punk Britannia: Part 1, Pre-Punk 1972-1976’ — full episode

Last night, Britain’s BBC Four aired the first installment of the new three-part “Punk Britannia” documentary series, billed as a look at the “historic cosmology, meteoric impact and smouldering aftermath of the most genuinely transformative force in British popular music history.” You can watch Part 1, subtitled “Pre-Punk 1972-1976,” above, thanks to YouTuber syden1. The next two parts, focusing on the punk and post-punk eras, debut on BBC Four on the next two Fridays, June 8 and June 15.







  1. Thank you!!! (For this and all the other great stuff here.)

  2. Jim McCabe

    truly great stuff. look forward to the next ones.

  3. amazing…thanks for this…

  4. Nick O'Riley

    Who’d a thunk it? Britain’s Punk scene owes its existence to…

  5. 1967PontiacGTO

    The disrespect felt by the makers of this documentary to the artists involved is evident when the narrator states “without this (political) conflict at its heart punk would have been little more than noisy pop music”??…really, or are the makers of this film people with a politicial agenda trying to co-opt one anywhere else cares about the coal strike, council houses, Heath, Wilson or Callaghan. Reducing punk to politics is the very error the Clash fell into which the Pistols never would. The Pistols, Xray Specs, and Damned were great bands…the Clash reduced themselves to a political cliche and became addicted to the cheap easy praise from a political press. They became a caricature of a punk band complete with appropriately radical tshirts and album covers. Also, other than the Dolls reference, this documentary is dishonest and ethnocentric about, wait for it, how the Brits started punk rock???…where’s Australia’s Saints, America’s Ramones, not to mention Velvet Underground & Stooges?? Don’t know where this series can go because by the time the Pistols broke up and the Ramones released Road to Ruin punk was over.

  6. hi…can u help me to find subtitles in portuguese pls? i think this decomentary is very nice…thank u

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