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Video: ChameleonsVox plays 50-minute set at Primavera Sound — full webcast

Last weekend’s massive Cure-headlined Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain, also saw an appearance by ChameleonsVox — the band featuring frontman Mark Burgess and drummer John Lever of post-punk favorites The Chameleons — and we can now bring you a capture of the full webcast of the band’s 50-minute set, courtesy of YouTuber Cameleonsfan. Check it out via the three-part playlist posted above; below, you can find the full setlist for the June 1 performance.


Setlist: ChameleonsVox, Primavera Sound 2012, Barcelona, Spain

1. “A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days”
2. “As High As You Can Go”
3. “Seriocity”
4. “In Answer”
5. “Monkeyland”
6. “I’ll Remember”
7. “Soul In Isolation”
8. “Singing Rule Britannia”
9. “Heaven”
10. “In Shreds”
11. “Second Skin”








  1. They don’t sound exactly correct without Dave and Reg but I still got chills as soon as Mark started singing.

  2. Strange times

    “I’d rather stick a ferret up me dirtbox and walk round Oldham with a nail in my shoe than work with sausage fingers again (John Lever’s pet name for Mark).”
    -Dave Fielding

  3. Vids marked as private. Any help?

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