Reissues, Vinyl — June 14, 2012 at 7:58 am

The Birthday Party’s ‘Junk Yard’ to be reissued in special 12-inch/7-inch/CD set

4AD and reissue imprint Beggars Archive this week announced a new special-edition 30th anniversary reissue of Junk Yard, the second album from Nick Cave’s pre-Bad Seeds outfit The Birthday Party. The release, due out sometime later this year in Europe only, will feature Henry Rollins’ 2000 remaster of the album on a 12-inch LP, plus a 7-inch single featuring a new, 2012 remaster of “Release the Bats” and “Blast Off.” Finally, all 12 LP and 7-inch tracks will be collected on a bonus CD as well.

Beggars Archive has not announced an exact release date for the Junk Yard reissue, and stresses, “This edition is not available in Australasia or the USA.”


Tracklist: The Birthday Party, Junk Yard

1. “She’s Hit”
2. “Dead Joe”
3. “The Dim Locator”
4. “Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)”
5. “Several Sins”

1. “Big-Jesus-Trash-Can”
2. “Kiss Me Black”
3. “6” Gold Blade”
4. “Kewpie Doll”
5. “JunkYard”

1. “Release The Bats”
2. “Blast Off”





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  1. nwilhelmy

    I was wondering when TBP’s work was going to get the reissue treatment. I wish they’d do a CD reissue with the original tracklisting in place. Starting the album off with “She’s Hit” sets a completely different tone for the experience you’re in for than “Blast Off” (which is still a great song).

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