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Elizabeth Fraser to debut new music, revisit Cocteau Twins songs at 1st show in 14 years

The stage-averse Elizabeth Fraser this week announced she will precede her two sets at the Antony-curated Meltdown festival with an August concert in Bath, England, that will be her first full performance in 14 years and which will find the singer debuting new material and “performing re-interpretations of Cocteau Twins songs.”

The Aug. 4 show at Bath Pavilion will serve as a warm-up to her sold-out Meltdown performances Aug. 6 and 7 at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The Bath show will be her first full-length concert since 1998 and her first on-stage performance of any kind since appearing with Massive Attack on tour throughout 2006 to perform that group’s single “Teardrop.”

In May, Fraser announced she would perform at Meltdown at the request of Antony, of Antony and the Johnsons. According to a notice on her website, Fraser has “assembled an album’s worth of material and will showcase” the material at the August concerts.

She’ll also re-interpret some of her band’s old songs, finding she can no longer perform them the same way:  “Fraser also referred to the physical exertion involved in her singing against the wall of sound in many of the Cocteau Twins songs, of which she said it was ‘like an endurance test. I don’t intend to do that again. I’ve been using my voice more gently.'”


Elizabeth Fraser tour dates:

Aug. 4: Bath Pavilion, Bath, UK
Aug. 6: Meltdown, Royal Albert Hall, UK
Aug. 7: Meltdown, Royal Albert Hall, UK






  1. Would Love to see this! Kisses Liz.

  2. Such a beautiful voice. It’s been a long time since the hasienda.

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