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Vintage Video: Echo & The Bunnymen on ‘Rockpalast’ in 1983 — full 90-minute gig

Been a while since we dusted off the Vintage Video series, so now’s a great time to dip into the vast reaches of YouTube for this 90-minute Echo & The Bunnymen concert filmed in March 1983 shortly after the release of Porcupine and later broadcast by the renowned German TV show “Rockpalast.” Check out the full 19-song set above, via YouTube uploader .


Setlist: Echo & The Bunnymen, Zeche, Bochum, Germany, 3/5/1983
1. “Going Up”
2. “With A Hip”
3. “Gods Will Be Gods”
4. “Show Of Strength”
5. “Zimbo (All My Colours)”
6. “The Cutter”
7. “Rescue”
8. “My White Devil”
9. “Porcupine”
10. “Crocodiles”
11. “All That Jazz”
12. “Back Of Love”
13. “Heads Will Roll”
14. “Heaven Up Here”
15. “Over The Wall”
16. “Do It Clean”
17. “Villiers Terrace”
18. “No Dark Things”
19. “A Promise”



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