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Full-album stream: Dead Can Dance, ‘Anastasis’ — first new record in 16 years

Just a day after offering up a free download from their new album, the reunited  Dead Can Dance — co-founders Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard — are now putting it all out there, offering a full stream of the eight-track Anastasis, the duo’s first new album in 16 years, seven weeks before its release in a variety of digital and physical formats.

The album, to be shipped to arrive on or before Aug. 13, can be pre-ordered  directly from the band on CD, in standard or lossless digital formats and as a heavyweight, 180-gram, 2LP clear-vinyl set. Additionally, there are two special edition “hardbound box set” options with special artwork and the album on CD, digital and, depending on which option, vinyl formats as well. The latter two sets are priced at £39.99 ($59.99) and £54.99 ($84.99).

UPDATE 6/28/12: Yes, it appears Dead Can Dance has replaced the full-album stream with a stream that only features the “Amnesia” radio edit, which also is available as a free download here.

UPDATE 8/7/12: The album is once again streaming, via the player below.



Tracklist: Dead Can Dance, Anastasis

1. “Children of the Sun”
2. “Anabasis”
3. “Agape”
4. “Amnesia”
5. “Kiko”
6. “Opium”
7. “Return of the She-King”
8. “All in Good Time”






  1. Amazing work here (“Return of the She-King” is my fav. piece) – DCD hasn’t skipped a beat in 16 years…
    Thank you Brendan and Lisa for sharing your latest – hope to see you in Vienna, VA!!

    • tpatallman

      Is it just me, but can only seem to stream one song from the album, not the entire thing.

    • Retuhrn of the She-King is my favorite as well. I’m really pleased that they seem to be working together again. When I saw them in ’05 it seemed like it was two different artists performing.

      I can’t wait to see them in Seattle on Aug. 10.

    • Beautiful–but does not appear to be going anywhere, at first listen. They may not have skipped a beat, but they also appear to not have moved anywhere at all. I sort of do not see the point…

  2. With shades of ‘Spleen and Ideal’, a dash of ‘Aion’, a pinch of ‘The Serpent’s Egg’, and a protein of ‘Spiritchaser’….one couldn’t have asked for a better resurrection! Fantastic album. Been a fan since ’84, and have waited for this day for such a long time.

  3. Amazing as always DCD! I cannot wait to see you in Philly!

  4. nwilhelmy

    I think this could even be a contender for DCD’s best album! How often is the reunion album the band’s best? The only other band I can think of that pulled that off was Killing Joke in 2003!

    • Killing Joke pull that off with every new album. The new DCD is an excellent return to form by the way. Can’t wait to see them in VA.

  5. tpatallman

    Is it just me, but can’t seem to listen to the entire album via stream- just the one song, Amnesia (great tune btw). Also, can not wait for the tour dates to be released down under!

  6. They seemed to have broken another record – fastest take-down of a full album stream ever. I listened to the whole thing 24 hours ago, but later yesterday they yanked all but the one track. Sad as it’s really a great album. Guess we wait for release now.

  7. it’s not the full album stream, just the radio edit of amnesia.

  8. Well, I managed to grab the full album before it was pulled off of the website. After three solid listens I thought it was OK and not the anemic, new-age-riddled disappointment that was “Spiritchaser.” It’s good to have them back together, creating new music and touring, but . . .

    As an album, “Anastasis” seems solid, inoffensive, but in no way essential. The words “dark and warm” came to mind while listening at home last night — while pleasant enough, this is also a way of saying it doesn’t take a lot of chances.

    It’s not “Aion” or (especially) “The Serpent’s Egg,” which, for me at least, are where DCD really defined themselves and caused me sit up and take notice, thinking, “something very special is happening here.” I suppose it’s foolish of me to expect those kinds of revelatory albums to happen again.

    In the end, for the most part, it sounds like half of a Brendan Perry solo album grafted onto half of a Lisa Gerrard soundtrack release. The good news is half of a Brendan Perry album or Lisa Gerrard soundtrack is better than most things out there.

  9. Manuel Romero

    Great to hear some new DCD! Looking forward to seeing them perform in Denver on August 19th.

  10. The whole album can be found on Youtube…as for the content I was really hoping for an solid album and I got just that. Although Like another person said, it not as adventurous or eclectic as most of their back catalog. Lisa’s voice is kinda subtle, maybe a little too much (no sir, there’s definitely no Cantara on here). However, there seems to be a very dark, atmospheric, warm and spiritual vibe connecting the songs. I dig it!

  11. I’ve lost the full album streaming link, is there anybody to send it ?
    Thanks a lot.

    • There is no link Antoni…it was taken down after 24 hours. Brendan Perry said (via the forums on his website) that it was always intended to be there for a short time. He then went on to publicly berate a number of his fans on the site, which is another, most unpleasant, matter. I love their music…but he has come across as an utter prick on several occasions and seems somewhat skilled in the art of alienating his “fans”.

  12. Bogus Man

    Yes Clive, the BP forum has seen a few long time members banned for daring to voice a polite opinion, there was nothing nasty whatsoever – Alexander & Ian MacDonald spring to mind.

    Whole threads have been locked or deleted, I have watched the whole sorry episode unfurl & feel highly embarrassed by it all. Brendan Perry is extremely thin skinned & not the person I hoped he was, he’s always been a miserable git but lately he’s got a lot worse.

    Doesn’t bode well for the tour! I hope nobody dares cough or farts – he’ll be down on them like a ton of bricks :-)

  13. I heard this in it’s entirety. I think it’s one of their best efforts. Can’t wait till I get the preorder!

  14. Ultimately as cinematic as ever and the processed dulcimers are like a Siren’s call to me regardless of 16 years and BP’s mercurial fitz. DCD (as well as classical modals) are a major influence in my composition. Bless these children under our Sun.

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