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The English Beat to release ‘Live! at the US Festival’ CD/DVD in September

First announced as a bonus for pre-ordering the forthcoming Complete Beat box set, a package documenting The English Beat’s appearances at the two massive US Festivals in 1982 and 1983 — with both sets in full on DVD, and a CD featuring highlights from each appearance — will be released separately this September.

Due out Sept. 18 on Shout! Factory, the new Live! at the US Festival features the Beat’s complete Sept. 3, 1982, and May 28, 1983, appearances at the Los Angeles-area festival on DVD — 26 songs in total — plus comes with a CD featuring nine songs from the ’82 festival and seven songs from the band’s ’83 appearance (see tracklist below).

If you don’t want to wait until September, the US Festival set is still a bonus for pre-orders of the forthcoming box set via Shout! Factory’s website. The Complete Beat set, due out July 10, features expanded versions of 1980’s I Just Can’t Stop It, 1981’s Wha’ppen? and 1982’s Special Beat Service, plus two discs’ worth of bonus material — most of which is previously unavailable on CD, including extended and dub mixes, Peel Session recording and live tracks.

That same day, Shout! Factory also is releasing a new 16-track best-of called Keep the Beat: The Very Best of the English Beat. Plus, the band’s three albums were just reissued by Demon Music Group in Europe this week, each in a 2CD/1DVD set with slightly different bonus material than appears on the upcoming U.S. box set.


Tracklist: The English Beat, Live! at the US Festival

Sept. 3, 1982
1. “Twist & Crawl”
2. “I Confess”
3. “Doors Of Your Heart Margaret”
4. “Sugar & Stress”
5. “Two Swords”
6. “Hands Off…She’s Mine”
7. “Save It For Later”
8. “Too Nice To Talk To”
9. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
May 28, 1983
10. “Jeanette”
11. “Spar Wid Me”
12. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down”
13. “Tears Of A Clown”
14. “Ackee 1 2 3”
15. “Ranking Full Stop”
16. “Jackpot”

Sept. 3, 1982
1. “Twist & Crawl”
2. “Doors Of Your Heart”
3. “I Confess”
4. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret”
5. “Sugar & Stress”
6. “Spar Wid Me”
7. “Two Swords”
8. “Hands Off…She’s Mine”
9. “Save It For Later”
10. “Too Nice To Talk To”
11. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
12. “Jackpot”
May 28, 1983
13. “Mirror In The Bathroom”
14. “Doors Of Your Heart”
15. “Two Swords”
16. “Jeanette”
17. “I Confess”
18. “Spar Wid Me”
19. “Too Nice To Talk To”
20. “Get-A-Job/Stand Down Margaret”
21. “Tears Of A Clown”
22. “Ackee 1 2 3”
23. “Twist & Crawl”
24. “Ranking Full Stop”
25. “Save It For Later”
26. “Jackpot”






  1. ericthegardener

    Ordered the Edsel reissues just for the video content. Can’t wait to see this US Festival footage!

  2. Notch Johnson

    Im still angry at my mom for not letting me go to the first US festival!

  3. Nick O'Riley

    Hey Notch,

    I didn’t ask my Mommy for permission, I just got my tickets and made airline reservations…
    and then the begging commenced.
    Thankfully, they admired my “can do” spirit and relented.

  4. This is great because I opted for the UK issues instead of the US box

  5. US box has the live in Boston tracks which are not on the UK reissues. They missed the ‘Mirror In The Bathroom/Ranking Full Stop’ medley from the US ‘What Is Beat’ cassette however. :( Still happy to see all of these releases.

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