Reunions, Video — July 6, 2012 at 11:05 am

The Stone Roses at Manchester’s Heaton Park — watch complete video of first night

Last weekend, The Stone Roses brought their improbable reunion tour to Manchester for three nights at the city’s Heaton Park, playing to a total of 220,000 fans in what have been billed as the fastest-selling concerts in U.K. history — and now you can watch the complete, 19-song, 100-minute set from the band’s first night.

There was no webcast of any of the gigs, so YouTube user  took it upon himself to edit together audience footage of each of that night’s songs, selecting the highest-quality audio and adjusting the sound. It’s still something of a hodgepodge in terms of quality, but so far, the only way to watch the complete historic gig. Check it out above.


Setlist: The Stone Roses, Heaton Park, Manchester, UK, 6/29/12

1. “I Wanna Be Adored”
2. “Mersey Paradise”
3. “(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister”
4. “Sally Cinnamon”
5. “Where Angels Play”
6. “Shoot You Down”
7. “Bye Bye Badman”
8. “Ten Storey Love Song”
9. “Standing Here”
10. “Fools Gold”
11. “Something’s Burning”
12. “Waterfall”
13. “Don’t Stop”
14. “Love Spreads”
15. “Made of Stone”
16. “This Is the One”
17. “She Bangs The Drums”
18. “Elizabeth My Dear”
19. “I Am the Resurrection”







  1. It’s a shame those gits wouldn’t SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the band be heard.

  2. Dave Morris

    Probably more musical than listening to Ian Brown!!

  3. You have an excellent point!! Hahaha, dannng.

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