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Vintage Video: Depeche Mode’s World Violation Tour — watch 3 full 1990 concerts

Depeche Mode fans long have clamored for an official video release of the band’s mammoth 1990 World Violation Tour, although popular lore holds the group did not professionally film any of its concerts in support of breakout album Violator.

With that in mind, and as fans gear up for an anticipated 2013 tour, we revisit the era in this week’s installment of Vintage Video with not one but three full concerts from that tour, all about 1:45 long and all uploaded by YouTube user . Forgive the quality; they’re all shot on home video from the audience. For now, it’s the only way to relive the tour.


VIDEO: Depeche Mode, Miami, FL, 5/31/90 [setlist]


VIDEO: Depeche Mode, Frankfurt, Germany, 10/14/90 [setlist]


VIDEO: Depeche Mode, Munich, Germany, 10/17/90 [setlist]






  1. Crappy quality, not really worth posting on here if you ask me. As a true devotee i must say that the decision not to record a high quality vhs/future dvd of this tour is one of the stupidest of their career.
    In regards to the next tour, i really hope they film one of the American concerts, audiences are much more casual, get away from that European Goth element that seems to misguidedly follow the band around.

  2. agreed. the band seems to release a live video or recording or ever live show since, but they dropped the ball in 1990 when they were at their most popular. The Cure did the same with the Prayer Tour. I don’t get the point of posting 3 choppy, messy vids when finding poor quality shows is never a problem.

  3. Yes we’ve all seen these fan camcorder videos on youtube anyway, i actually got excited for a few seconds when i saw the headline for Vintage Video. Then bitterly disappointed.
    I actually think DM were even more popular in Europe in 93 so the Devotional film is monumental, however a Violator tour dvd is essential because it was their big breakthrough in the mainstream and we’ll never have it.

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