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Is Depeche Mode hinting at Alan Wilder’s return? Or just teasing fans?

A photo posted on Depeche Mode’s Facebook page this morning has fans stirring: It’s a shot of former member Alan Wilder from 1990’s “Policy of Truth” video under a lone couplet from the song (“Never again/Is what you swore”). Is DM hinting that Wilder — who rejoined the group on stage in 2010 and worked on last year’s remix album — is back in the fold? Or it just a tease? Most likely the latter, but it’s enough to fuel speculation among fans, more than 20,000 of whom have ‘liked’ the photo in the hour since it was posted.




  1. Please say this is true!!!

    • Chris Ashworth

      Alan inspired the best record they’ve made (Violator), however he wasn’t involved in there next best album (Playing The Angel).

      Whatever happens let’s be happy in the knowledge that the best band in the world are making another record.

  2. Neither actually… :)

  3. If he tours with them, I’m taking leave from my job to follow them around the U.S.

  4. Since Alan left Depeche have been “eh” at best. If he comes back, they might actually make a good record again.

    • I agree. DM became famous for their synth-pop sound, not famous for the mediocre work they do now. Been a fan since ’83 and have seen them gradually change, but never change back, much to my disappointment. Martin wants the sound to be a certain way- dark, dismal, and Flood keeps it even keel (Minus Alan, not so much). I haven’t listened to much of their work since Ultra because all it does is breed disappointment in my religion band.

  5. considering how much of an impact Wilder made on DM’s programming abilities, this would be welcoming news…although I’m still bitter at they’re betrayal of his interests, which lead to his original departure from the group. so it will probably never happen. despite his collaborations in the future and past 2 years.


    considering that Wilder alone is responsible for the main production on ‘Violator’ AND their programming skills they’ve learned/adapted from him since, this would be welcoming news ♥ I agree with both comments before me.

    but in all reality, it ain’t gonna happen -_-

  7. Batshiz Crazay

    Martin writes all the music so what input does Wilder actually have in regards to the sound of the songs?

    • 0/10. You can’t expect to troll with that line of crap to DM fans and have any of us believe you’re doing anything but trolling, so be on your merry way, twatwaffle.

      Alan was responsible for shaping the sound of Depeche from the moment they let his input be recorded to his last day with the band. Depeche would not have been nearly as popular if he hadn’t worked tirelessly in the studio to create, shape, manipulate and record sounds with the producer and engineer, while Dave came in, laid vocals, left, Martin came in, plucked a couple of guitar stringts, laid vibrato-laden falsetto harmonies over Dave’s voice, left, and Andy didn’t show up, provide everybody coffee, perhaps a danish or two, record some hand claps, and then join the other three for a large round of “Thanks, Alan, For Being Largely Responsible For Everything That Appears On The Record”. It’s a game the band played for many albums.

      Go troll, bro.

      • Well put, Matt. Wilder’s arrangements made the band what they were in their heyday. He was the best musician in the group, and the “secret ingredient” that made the rest of the elements gel.

      • Cute Matt. Martin did write the songs if I’m not mistaken. Let me think here, hold on…yeah didn’t Dave put on a great live show? But you’re right, it was all Alan. That’s why Recoil is off the charts and selling like wild fire. Listen, Alan was important. But he was not the sole reason there were successful. Please! C’mon man!

      • I’m not disagreeing with you entirely Matt but I feel the need to at least counter balance what your saying. You clearly have no idea of how they worked in the studio. I agree that Alan was a key member of the band but so is fletch. In fact we wouldn’t have ever had DM without fletch and he does much more than what your suggesting. I’ll sink to your level and play devils advocate then…If Alan was such a great member of DM then why was Recoil such a huge embarrassment ? seriously..did you ever listen to recoil 1 + 2 ? As for other comments about DM going down hill.. that’s ridiculous. The reason they are still current is because they have evolved and matured. That’s why they are playing the O2 and not some tragic 80’s best of weekend at butlins like all the other bands from that time. I think it would be great if Alan rejoined them for an album but if you miss violater so much ..treat your self ..stick it on and enjoy it . All you types that talk of DM in their ‘heyday’ probably wern’t even born when speak and spell and a broken frame were released. I was just getting used to Alan being a part of the band when he got sand in his front bottom and left .. yeah the SOFAD tour was incredible.. but fair play to them evolving and keeping it fresh. see you at the o2 in May ?

  8. If Alan came back… wow.
    What a tour that would make!

  9. Wilder is a tad overrated, Depeche Mode have done just fine since he left, 2005’s Playing The Angel is up there with Violator and SOFAD.
    Would be nice to see him back though.

  10. Alan C. Wilder

    Alan Come Back

  11. This would be huge if true … I hope it is!

    Brilliant way to market the upcoming cd and tour.

  12. I’m happy either way, we get a new DM album and also the first tour of Australia in 19 years in 2013!
    But If Alan is back, it will just make it all the more exciting!

  13. As much as I love it. I don’t think so. Unless some big changes have happened in the group (Fletch decides to retire).

  14. steinomite

    If it’s gonna happen, just do it. This isn’t something I like being teased about! ;-)

  15. Speaking as a hardcore DM fan, yes, Fletch sould get the hell out of the way!

  16. Alan most likely won’t re-join the band. He and Dmode have both moved on. This is just fan talk. I’ve read some comments pretty much saying that everything went down hill sense he left. Not true! Was he important? Yes. Was he the reason they were successful? He was part of the reason. But so were Dave and Martin. Alan was responsible for atmosphere and co-production and he was great at that. Martin wrote the songs and did vocals and he was great at that. Dave was the voice and front man and he was great at that. Fletch was great clapping and let me tell you something, till’ this day, no one does it better! Dmode may not be what they used to, but what band is after 30 plus years? In my opinion, they’re still great…

  17. If he comes back and is part of the next tour I’ll be home on a plane or wherever they play if I can get tickets just to see them since they aint never played NZ and it just sucks. They are so under appreciated here,(if you dont have 2 or 3 guitars and a drummer and thats it then kiwis aint interested) and being an expat brit who grew up with DM since their first hit back home on TOTP! Boys I hope you get over your problems with each other and realise there are millions of DM fans world wide who will make sure your colloboration is truly rewarded! Still the best electronic band the world has ever seen!!!!!

  18. I miss Alan.

  19. Look I have worked with the band for many years so I will set the record straight. Alan was a key member no doubt. But without Martin there would be no Depeche Mode Period.. Martin comes up with all the words, music & total track lay out. Sure Alan arranges them but only from direction of Martin. If you really think Martin only has a limited part in depeche Mode you are sadly mistaken. Martin is a great all around musician. And for the record Martin laid down more synth rifs then Alan ever did & Martin always wanted to make sure the sound could be played back in a live setting. Believe me if you want but this is 100% facts..

  20. if this is true?! it will be the best music news in years!
    alan belongs in depeche mode sinds he left depeche the band was only exciting to see onstage the wait for a new album release after 2 or 3 years is a waist the only good album depeche made after alan left was “ultra”
    exciter had some good tracks but playing the angel sucked big time!!now knowing the band is working for a third time with ben hillier brings tears to my eyes!!bring back the old day..alan wilder!! violator!! flood!!

  21. StefanGreatReward

    Alan go back!!!!

  22. fabrício cantoni

    Depeche Mode are:

    Martin Gore
    Dave Gahan
    Alan Wilder
    Andrew Fletcher

  23. Chirstian Rodriguez

    Never till now I miss Alan’s Wilder input…

    DM today seems to be an imitaitor of DM…

  24. Alan is and was Vital for the Depeche Mode Classic sound Vince Clarke left unceremoniously so his return would not be as significant as Alan’s but his recent remix of Behind the wheel was a great effort to his former band more remixes and new inputs for 2016.

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