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Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‘Sexmix’ compiles ‘studio adventures,’ 16-minute mix of ‘Relax’

ZTT Records next month will issue a new 2CD Frankie Goes to Hollywood compilation entitled Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studio Adventures, Volume 1 that, as its name implies, pulls together “hundreds of miles of reels of tape, remixes, editions, edits and experiments” generated during the group’s “imperial reign” from 1983 to 1987.

Due out Aug. 6 in the U.K., the 28-track set features a 24-minute “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” suite, a six-part “screenplay edition” of “The Power of Love,” a 17-minute “overture” of “Rage Hard,” a 23-minute version of “Warriors of the Wasteland” and a 16-minute mix of the band’s best-known hit, “Relax” (see full tracklist below).

The material is previously released, but much is appearing on CD for the first time.

UPDATE: Seems there’s a problem with the disc, according to ZTT:

Please note that due to, as they say in the trade, a ‘technical f*** up’, mono masters were sent to press for CD1 tracks 01-05. One channel is mirrored on both sides.

We wanted to point this out, even if you may not have noticed, even if – like Phil Spector – you would have been delighted.

We hope this will not spoil your enjoyment of the All In The Body, All In The Mind singlette, presented on CD for the first time and, for the first time ever, with Welcome To The Pleasuredome (How To Remake The World) in its original, full length 11:40 incarnation.

If and when a suitable stereo master becomes available, we will offer this as a free, lossless download as per the recent Nasty Rox Inc. update.


Tracklist: Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Sexmix: Archive Tapes and Studio Adventures, Volume 1

CD 1
1. “All In the Body”
2. “The Soundtrack from Bernard Rose’s Video of the Welcome to the Pleasuredome Single”
3. “Get It On”
4. “Welcome to the Pleasuredome (How to Remake the World, Completely)”
5. “All In the Mind”
6. “Relax” (International)
7. “The Power of Love” (Extended, Singlette Version)
8. “scrapped”
9. “Holier Than Thou”
10. “Trapped”
11. “Holier Than Thou”
12. “The Power of Love” (Instrumental, Singlette Version)
13. “The World is My Oyster” (In Its 7” Form)
14. “Don’t Lose What’s Left”
15. “Rage Hard”

CD 2
1. “Relax” (Sex Mix)
2. “Later On (From One September Monday)”
3. “Ferry Cross The Mersey (…And Here I’ll Stay)”
4. “Two Tribes” (Keep The Peace, Intro)
5. “One February Friday” (Singlette Version, Part 1)
6. “Two Tribes” (Carnage)
7. “One February Friday” (Singlette Version, Part 2)
8. “War (Somewhere Between Hiding and Hidden)”
9. “One February Friday” (Singlette Version, Part 3)
10. “Two Tribes” (Keep The Peace, Outro)
11. “Warriors of the Wasteland” (Compacted)
12. “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”
13. Watching the Wildlife (Voiceless)



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  1. Batshiz Crazay

    Nice, would love to hear all of the extended remixes

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