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Gary Numan preps ‘Big Noise Transmission’ 2CD, DVD live sets — watch trailer

Synthpop pioneer Gary Numan next month will release Big Noise Transmission, a live document of a concert recorded at the HMV Ritz in Manchester, England, last December that will arrive in three formats: a 2CD set, a 20-song PAL format DVD and a limited collectors’ edition featuring the 2CD set and a hardbound photo book.

The live sets, named after a track on Numan’s 2011 album Dead Son Rising, spotlight that record as well as feature such classics as “Cars,” “I Die: You Die” and “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” Numan’s website currently is taking preorders for the three formats — including the collectors’ edition, which is limited to just 500 copies — which are due out Aug. 20.

Above, check out a 4-minute trailer featuring footage from the DVD, and see the tracklist below.


Tracklist: Gary Numan, Big Noise Transmission

CD 1
1. “Resurrection”
2. “Down In The Park”
3. “The Fall”
4. “Haunted”
5. “When The Sky Bleeds He Will Come”
6. “Films”
7. “Big Noise Transmission”
8. “Pure”
9. “Dead Sun Rising”
10. “Everyday I Die”

CD 2
1. “We Are The Lost”
2. “Absolution”
3. “For The Rest Of My Life”
4. “Noise Noise”
5. “Everything Comes Down To This”
6. “Jagged”
7. “I Die: You Die”
8. “Cars”
9. “My Shadow In Vain”
10. “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    That toupee has to be bolted onto his head because it’s refusing to fly off it.

  2. Gross. I love old Gary and Tubeway Army material but this is just god awful. Sad he turned into a cheesy mall-goth for the kids that shop at Hot Topic :-(

  3. discojerk

    It’s embarrassing to see him flailing about with that badger on his head.

  4. Slag all you want, he sounds as good as he did 30 years ago, his backing band is much better, and he is 10x the stage performer he was back in 1979-1981.

  5. That ‘hair’ is surgically attached so no chance of it flying off. Love the era you want but by slagging his output today, you really are just slagging him.

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