Setlist, Video — July 22, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Video: Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan performs with Soulsavers at Los Angeles studio

Photo by Leah (@designlk)

Depeche Mode isn’t expected to return to the stage until 2013, but about 150 people got an unusually up-close-and-personal glimpse of frontman Dave Gahan in action Saturday night when he performed a special one-off show with Soulsavers, showcasing seven tracks off The Light the Dead See, the album they released together earlier this year.

According to a Rolling Stone account of the show at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, Gahan at one point quipped, “I’ve never been this close to people.” Depeche Mode manager Jonathan Kessler told Rolling Stone that more one-off Soulsavers gigs are possible, and that Saturday night’s show was filmed and will be put out in some capacity “quickly.”

Until then, you can catch the first glimpse of the Gahan-fronted Soulsavers via the admittedly short clip below of the group performing “Take Me Back Home” that’s posted below (via ). We’ll post more as it shows up online.

UPDATE: We’ve added about 8 more minutes of footage below.


Setlist: Soulsavers with Dave Gahan, Capitol Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 7/22/12

1. “Prescence of God”
2. “In the Morning”
3. “Bitterman”
4. “Just Try”
5. “Take Me Back Home”
6. “Tonight”
7. “Gone Too Far”








  1. I love the Soulsavers releases with Mark Lanegan and I love Dave Gahan solo and with DM, however, not a fan of this release. Nothing wrong with the singing or execution, its just that on some fundamental level the songrwriting just isn’t there. Bit of a bummer for me as I was excited when I first heard of this pairing.

  2. I think this album is amazing. The gospel-y nature of the music is perfectly suited for Dave’s voice, in my opinion. I’m really surprised they didn’t do “Longest Day”…

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