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Video: Steve Kilbey joins The Afghan Whigs to perform The Church’s ‘One Day’ in Sydney

The newly reunited Afghan Whigs this week are in the midst of playing their first-ever concerts in Australia, and, on Thursday night at a club date in Sydney, Greg Dulli and Co. paid tribute to a key early influence by bringing Steve Kilbey up on stage to help perform “One Day” off The Church’s 1983 album Seance.

After the show, bassist John Curley tweeted: “One Day by The Church was one of the first songs @theafghanwhigs ever played together. Steve Kilbey joined us onstage to play it in Sydney.”

The band played the song at their its gig Down Under, as well, although Kilbey didn’t join in Wednesday night in Melbourne. At that show, Dulli introduced the cover by saying, “I was up smoking week one night in my college apartment and this song came on in the area I’m sitting around in, it’s in the background, and I’m like, ‘What the fuck is that?'”

As for Kilbey, he posted a lengthy piece about meeting and instantly clicking with Dulli (“We have begun to tentatively discuss working together. I really believe if it happens it will be some record. I mean we are both exactly on the same page here”) and playing with the Whigs (“It was loud. I jumped around. The people liked it. Very addictive!”)

Above, you can see Kilbey and the Whigs perform “One Day” in Sydney (via ), although the audio and video quality are a bit sketchy. Below, we’ve got the Melbourne performance (via ), which, while sans Kilbey, does feature better video and audio.

UPDATE: We’ve posted a couple better videos of the performance.


VIDEO: Afghan Whigs and Steve Kilbey perform “One Day” in Sydney


VIDEO: Afghan Whigs perform “One Day” in Melbourne




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